On Satire Bits: Vol. 57

Greetings everyone! Hope all is going well for each of you.

My week hiatus is progressing, although I haven’t visited others as much as I hoped. Then again, my break isn’t over yet!

Since our last communication, we’ve made it to the dance floor, attended a euchre party, hosted friends, moved 10 cubic yards of mulch (that’s 7.6 cubic meters elsewhere in the world), played lousy golf, and a few other odds and ends.

Although this isn’t a normal week, I could use a dose of satire for my mid-week boost. For your entertainment, I went to The Onion’s archives in search of headlines about North Korea. Any favorites?

Enjoy – and have a good rest of the week.

“What we are doing is weird and wrong” says small voice in Kim Jung Un’s head

Kim Jong-Un announces plans to bring moon to North Korea

North Korea nukes self in desperate plea for attention

Kim Jong-Un interprets sunrise as act of war

North Korea returns to normalcy after synchronized jump-rope gala

Kim Jong-Un unfolds into giant robot

North Korea celebrates as Kim Jong-Un first man to walk on moon

Teen Newsweek reports North Korea is The Bomb

President sends Secretary of State to North Korea to do that condescending nod thing

North Korea tests short-range missiles on family and friends first

Visual Bonus: See storyboards of new Batman movie starring Kim Jong-Un