On Dingbat Monday

Welcome back!

I didn’t meet my blog goals during the week away from here, but that’s OK as my week was busy. Besides, my wife and I had a good time.

Since the last post we attended a golf pro-am at Muirfield Village near Columbus featuring about 20 of the top professionals, watched several movies at home, saw the newest Star Trek in the theater, volunteered at a large outdoor art show, did some yard work, and (of course) time on the ballroom floor.

How was your weekend? Besides some of the events above, it was muggy until the front moved through (which brought much rain), so the next three days should be outstanding!

This weekend delivered the sad news of the passing of actress Jean Stapleton at age 90. Although she received much fame, including 8 Emmy nominations leading to 3 awards with her squeaky voice, many didn’t realize she well-known on Broadway.

To start your week, cheers to Archie’s Dingbat. Have a good week!