On Dingbat Monday

Welcome back!

I didn’t meet my blog goals during the week away from here, but that’s OK as my week was busy. Besides, my wife and I had a good time.

Since the last post we attended a golf pro-am at Muirfield Village near Columbus featuring about 20 of the top professionals, watched several movies at home, saw the newest Star Trek in the theater, volunteered at a large outdoor art show, did some yard work, and (of course) time on the ballroom floor.

How was your weekend? Besides some of the events above, it was muggy until the front moved through (which brought much rain), so the next three days should be outstanding!

This weekend delivered the sad news of the passing of actress Jean Stapleton at age 90. Although she received much fame, including 8 Emmy nominations leading to 3 awards with her squeaky voice, many didn’t realize she well-known on Broadway.

To start your week, cheers to Archie’s Dingbat. Have a good week!

77 thoughts on “On Dingbat Monday

  1. You have been busy. I do hope you are now enjoying some summer weather. Winter began here on the weekend and boy did it let us know! The temperature dropped significantly and we had rain, rain, and more rain until we had floods xx


  2. Glad you have some relief – we got it too!

    When All in the Family was on, I did’t get it. They were wayyyyy too much like my parents. But the evolution of Archie and Edith was a sight, wasn’t it? And I evolved too and realized that my parents were not in fact Archie and Edith.


  3. I love Jean Stapleton – talented lady! Sounds like your weekend was busy. Mine was too – some gardening, a bike ride and we went to see “Wait Until Dark” at our local community theater last night. I had never seen the play but remember seeing the Audrey Hepburn movie when I was a kid. The play was incredibly well done!


  4. I heard about Jean Stapleton passing last night. It’s a pity she’s not more widely known for her talents – she was quite the stage presence, in addition to her famous role.
    Spent the weekend hibernating from the heat – not the great grass wars begin! 😀
    Have a good week!


  5. Like many people, Frank, I primarily knew about Jean Stapleton because of her role as Edith. When I read her obituary and learned about her extensive background in theater, it made sense to me that she honed her immense talent on the stage. This weekend I ushered a terrific off-Broadway play called “Good Television” about casting addicts for a reality TV series. There were barely 100 people in the audience which was sad. I thought the play was so well written, staged and the cast was so talented. Someone there could be the next Jean Stapleton.

    I’m glad that you and your wife had a good week together.


    • Bulldog,
      You would have loved Muirfield Village … that’s the Nicklaus course where he hosts his tournament … plus it is the location of this year’s President’s Cup (early October).


        • It’s a bit less than a 2-hour drive for me, and it was my first time there. As you well know, it’s interesting how courses differ – thus have their own character. One description I recently read about the sight of this year’s US Open was that holes were either really short or really long.


  6. Your week sounded really busy! Mine was mostly relaxing, the weekend was tough though. I’ve written all my blog posts for the week and filmed all of my YouTube Vlogs. It was a productive last two days!


  7. I should know to come here to get my news. I had no idea about the death of Jean Stapleton until I read it here. I loved the video, Frank, it’s a perfect tribute.

    I hope you have a great week!


  8. Whew. You’ve been busy. We were hiding from the heat and humidity – even the dog drooped on her walks.
    Oh, love all dingbats – especially Jean Stapleton’s Edith. (Wish some of those were in re-runs this summer – real period pieces now.) She was a great actress off TV, too.
    Thanks for the video and hope your week goes well
    (and I don’t know why your blog isn’t showing up in my reader – but I can find you, …HA! you’re not hiding are you?…it’s just some summer oddness on WP I imagine)


    • Mouse,
      It seems the reader has been on the fritz lately. Oh well … beyond my control – but I’m here. 😉 … and busy!

      I recall being in Houston one August … wow … now that’s humidity! Take care of Mollie … meanwhile I realize RC will stay in the AC.


  9. I had a very ho-hum weekend in paradise, apart from playing the piano, which was really great. You sound as though you’ve been extremely busy and enjoying life. RIP Jean. Very funny clip, Frank. 🙂


  10. Thanks so much for including the clip of Jean Stapleton singing “Play A Simple Melody” along with the Muppets. Her Edith character in “All In The Family” changed America forever, while the tune by Irving Berlin remains one his masterpieces.


  11. How wonderful you had a lovely week. You were definitely busy with some wonderful preoccupations, Frank. And I’m glad you remembered Jean Stapleton today. I have very fond memories of the many roles she played. I think the last one for me might have been “You’ve Got Mail” with her role as bookkeeper in the bookstore. She was a wonderfully diverse talent. Hope you have a great week. 🙂


  12. we had lots and lots of wind and rain this weekend…but plants loved it but not the little river turtles. 😦
    great you had some fun times with family and may Jean S. rest in peace. wow, 90 years young. ☺


  13. Remember, Frank, YOU ASKED. Our daughter and her boyfriend arrived about 8:30 Friday evening from Chicago, and we ate a late dinner at a new Chinese restaurant close to where we live: http://www.athensdynasty.com/

    On Sat. we had a relaxing day with the kids and had a couple of nice family meals. On Sun. we hosted my wife’s side of the family because our daughter hadn’t seen any of them for 2 years. Before they left for Chicago on Mon.
    my wife, son, and I had lunch with them at a 50s diner uptown.

    A good time was had by all.


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