On Satire Bits: Vol. 58


The commercial above makes me laugh. The first time I saw it I knew it was a “must use” with my mid-week dose of satire. Did you enjoy it?

Because Monday’s plans met the unexpected, I skipped posting yesterday. As many of you know, “not posting” doesn’t happen very often. Meanwhile, the past few days has brought comfortably warm, low humidity with breezes delivering a sense of coolness. Simply wonderful. For whatever reason, the golf game was much better form than the past three weeks.

On to our mid-week dose of satire. Those up to the challenge, make your own satirical headlines from the information below (and only that information). If not, that’s OK. Any favorites? My combo is a the end. Have a good rest of the week.

Everyone on flight annoyed by screaming Kid Rock

Becoming Red Robin “Burger Daddy” literally area man’s only way into woman’s heart

Co-workers with fluorescent bike vest treats office to fantastic light show

Future Christian Drinking and doing drugs thinking it’s one big joke

Website’s new layout feels like deepest betrayal

What should have been waffles eaten for breakfast

Local man knows he moved to city for something, but can’t remember what

Former tenant getting some pretty-urgent letters the last three weeks

Weekend encounter with co-worker never acknowledged

New study finds nothing that will actually convince you to change your lifestyle, so just forget it

Middle-aged funeral director buys flashy red hearse

USDA rolls out new school brunch program for wealthier school districts

My Combo: Red Robin’s “Burger Daddy” betrays local funeral director by buying flashy red hearse for Kid Rock’s lifestyle change

47 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 58

  1. The commercial cracked me up, Frank. I don’t watch much TV and would have missed this one.

    As for headlines, I’ll go with the USDA. It will help to celebrate Ann Romney’s cookbook nn


  2. I saw that commercial today, I laughed and laughed. They are just getting strange aren’t they.

    I am going with “Future Christian….” Yes sir, gotta pick this one, cause I am just sick like this.

    As for my contribution?

    Weekend encounter with co-worker never acknowledged by Future Christian.


    • Val,
      Marketing people love to think outside the box, and in doing so, develop an occasional winner. Meanwhile, gotta wonder if they person in the headline will become a future TV evangelist.


    • Soma,
      Interestingly, the commercial is on my TV as I write this! 🙂 … by the way, GEICO is an insurance company known for clever commercials.

      Great combo – and another example of satire meeting reality.


  3. USDA rolls out new school brunch program for wealthier school districts–I’m pretty sure this would fly in Santa Monica. 🙂 So glad the weather is nice, and perhaps that has helped your golf game! Loved the commercial…I didn’t see that previously!


  4. And they got the perfect voice for the camel – Seth Rogen. He manages (usually) to stay JUST barely this side of full-on annoying!
    “USDA rolls out what should have been waffles in red hearse, feels like betrayal to future Christian funeral directors.”
    Mow grass. Whack weeds. Repeat ad nauseum. Will somebody PLEASE bump the record player, my needle is stuck! 😀


  5. I liked “Local man moved to city….”
    Here’s mine, a bit late but…

    Middle-aged director can’t remember Weekend encounter Drinking and doing drugs with co-worker but finds New flashy fluorescent bike vest moved into woman’s office feels like deepest betrayal.


  6. This line.. What should have been waffles eaten for breakfast.. made me seriously want waffles all of a sudden. I had to stop reading your wonderful post and think about where I can get waffles today LOL


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