On Mom’s Town

The key reason I went to Italy this year as to visit my mother’s last surviving sister who I hadn’t seen in 48+ years. The idea for this post came to me the day before Mother’s Day.

Mom in the main square (1964)

Mom in the main square for Saturday’s market (1964)

Besides sharing my emotional walk down the street where the family lived, I’ve included pictures of her hometown within themes as corridors, arches, and others – so the focus of this post is to spotlight on her town – the small, Tuscan city of Pescia – but with unused pictures (well, except one).

Pescia, population around 20,000, is located between Florence and Lucca, but much closer to Lucca.

A picturesque location in a flat basin where the mountains end

The rain was leaving on this day

The rain was leaving on this day

A stream rushing out of the mountains divides the city



The cathedral dominates the skyline

Walking the narrow streets of the old city provided many intriguing photo ops

Benito Mussolini stood on this balcony on his visit during the sixth year of his reign (See the inscription above the balcony)

Villages dot the hillsides, such as the birthplace of my grandmother

The main square remains quite active, but it rained on market day.


Which is your favorite image?

68 thoughts on “On Mom’s Town

  1. The dark clouds and skies just made the yellow walls glow that much more.
    The buildings of the 4th one look like they are crowded around making bets on something racing down the little stream. The market one is priceless.
    All these are great. Thanks for sharing


  2. My favourite is the river that divides the town. What a beautiful town and it seems so unspoiled. Lovely how ‘progress’ hasn’t resulted in its buildings being torn down. You can see exactly how people must have lived years ago xx


  3. I like the bottom picture of the main square – I think I’ve mentioned before that I like pictures which make you feel like you could just step in to the photograph and be there, which that one does for me. Also, one of the things I love to do when I travel is browse local food shops, and I’m guessing there are probably a few of those along there!


  4. All the images are beautiful Frank. I particularly like the one of the narrow streets. Things like this are difficult for us who live with 10 lanes of expressways running through our cities to imagine. Nicely done!


  5. Another wonderful visual feast. Interesting to compare the two images of the main square where it seems that all the street vendors of yesteryear have been replaced by autos (unless it was the rain that kept them away.) I really love the photo of your mom in the square. It looks like a street scene from one of Fellini’s films.


    • Mobius,
      Market Day is on Saturday, and on this trip, I didn’t make it there as it was raining. If I recall, the last pic was either a Wednesday or Thursday. Glad you enjoyed them.


  6. I love the second to last one Frank, it is simply a lovely image. The cathedral though is also wonderful and says something about the town itself doesn’t it.

    These are all wonderful, I know you treasure your visit and the memories.


  7. I like the ones showing the cathedral. The first place I would go if I were visiting your mom’s hometown would be the cathedral, where I would sit in a middle pew and look around and imagine the lives it had affected.


  8. It looks like such a beautiful place. I like the image of your mother in the square, and the one with the dark clouds (when the rain was leaving).


  9. What a beautiful town, Frank. I have a very hard time deciding which photo I love best. Each is really special. It’s so interesting from a historical standpoint to see the balcony where Mussolini stood, so that’s a stand out for that reason. I like the one with the stream running through the town. That’s fascinating. But the second photo is probably my favorite for the colors and composition of the houses. What an incredible opportunity to visit your mother’s home town and to be with her sister. That is really special.


  10. I love the second photo, for the colour, contrast, and depth. The imagery in the stream photos, is wonderful. And I do really like the cathedral… but, as you might have guessed the first photo is unquestionably my favourite. I found myself scrolling from the first to the last photo, several times, as if time-traveling. Really nice post Frank, thank you for sharing.


  11. It’s fascinating that even in a small, relatively unheard of, town in Tuscany, you can still see such beauty and magnificent sites. I’m so happy you got to go visit some of your roots.


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