On a Flying Squirrel

Companion of Bullwinkle the Moose (his dedication page)

#3 (with Bullwinkle) on TV Guide’s Greatest Cartoon Characters

Of the duo, Rocky is the upstanding, slightly naive, and smarter than Bullwinkle

Proper name is Rocket J. Squirrel

Middle initial J for is from the two J’s: Jay Ward (creator) and Bill J Scott (co-producer, head writer)

Home: Frostbite Falls, MN (a parody on International Falls, MN)

Created by Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, and Bill Scott as part of The Frostbite Falls Review

Voice artist June Foray

Ability to fly with a jet engine sound effect

Debuted November 19, 1959 as Rocky and His Friends on ABC with Jet Fuel Formula

Moved to NBC in 1961 as The Bullwinkle Show

Ended June 27, 1964

It the first episode, Rocky’s flying ability limited to gliding

Learned to fly at Cedar Yorpantz Flying School (get it?)

Appeared in Gary Larson’s The Far Side

Also in video games and comics

Catch Phrases
Hokey Smoke!
Those two look familiar!
That voice, where have I heard that voice?
KNEW we shouldn’t have left him! We haven’t been apart in thirty-five years!
Hokey smoke, are you all right?
Don’t say it!
I don’t think that’s very funny.”
“And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like!”
Not again.

Rocky: “Look, Bullwinkle, a message in a bottle.”
Bullwinkle: “Fan mail from a flounder?”
Rocky: “This is what I really call a message.”

Enjoy a segment of Jet Fuel Formula (you will have to watch on YouTube)

48 thoughts on “On a Flying Squirrel

  1. Always loved Rocky — and always find out something new about my favourite cartoon characters — such good and distant memories– the two lines I really remember are: “And now here’s something you will really like!” and “I don’t thinn that is very funny” — I can still hear these phases and his tone


  2. The Once Upon A Time segment: Owned and operated a small family dairy farm in Oregon when husband, myself were young…and two children were small. After [very] early morning milking and barn clean-up it was breakfast….all of us on the couch…in front of TV. Rocky and Bullwinkle, Natasha and Boris! made our world relevant…ridiculously relevant.
    Thanks again, Frank for…making ridiculous memories..relevant!


  3. I’ve always loved this cartoon, Frank! The theme song was written by Fred Steiner, who also composed the famous theme from the original Perry Mason Show as well as the soundtrack for the film “The Color Purple.” Here’s an interview with Mr. Steiner about composing the PM theme:

    I was deeply influenced by the music from Perry Mason when I wrote my first Wind Symphony; those 50’s detective shows had a great jazz undertone in their soundtracks, and used the brass section so well. Here’s the Perry Mason theme song; though different in style from Rocky and Bullwinkle, you can hear the similar instrumentation:

    Enjoy your Saturday!


    • Lynn,
      As usual, outstanding information regarding the music side of the series. Who would have guess the link between Bullwinkle and Perry Mason. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing the interview.


  4. always loved that show. brilliant, as well as the other segments of the show, like fractured fairy tales. and the narrator was excellent. drawing a blank on his name and don’t want to google it. william conrad? big guy. my favorite parts of bullwinkle were when rocky and bullwinkle would interact a little with the narrator. and i also loved one of boris’s trademark lines after he would detail the plan to natasha. “bomb go off. no more moose and squirrel!”


    • Bulldog,
      What????? Rocky and Bullwinkle didn’t make it to you???? Wow … you were deprived of one of the best-written cartoons ever. Many saw that the humor was better written for adults, but in a way that kids liked it too.


  5. I love Rocky and Bullwinkle. I still watch them from time to time. I also didn’t know about The Far Side! They are such a clever duo. Fractured Flickers, Boris and Natasha…the whole show was so clever, and I think still holds up! 🙂


  6. Sorry, I haven’t been around much, Frank. Just returned on the red eye Tuesday and had to show up at The Grind on Wednesday so I’m still adjusting. I’m a lifelong Rocky and Bullwinkle fan. Years ago when I worked as a cog in the corporate machine of broadcast news I had a supervisor, an utter incompetent, who’s voice was a dead ringer for Rocky’s and intellect about a tenth of Bullwinkle’s. Every time I hear Rocky’s voice today, unfortunately, I think of her. Still, the cartoons were great.


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