On a Monday Laugh

After several days of wonderful weather, humidity arrived on Sunday. YUK … I hate that heavy air feeling. Meanwhile, we had a full weekend involving ballroom, a wedding, Father’s Day, watching the US Open (my favorite golf tournament), and   a variety of other necessary tasks.

Congratulations to British golfer Justin Rose for his victory!

Enough of my weekend, how was yours?

Are you one who either can start laughing for no reason, or simply can stop laughing? Here’s a good laugh to start your week. – and thanks Colline for finding this.

Have a good week! PS: This is post #1200.


69 thoughts on “On a Monday Laugh

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  2. Wow! Congrats on 1200, Frank. We had a nice weekend. Went out to dinner on Friday night to our favorite seafood place – “Fish.” Then friends over Saturday night. Some yard work and I managed to get some time with the Nikon in the studio on Sunday.


  3. Twelve hundred???!!!?!?!?!? Holy cow Frank — that is quite impressive bi bet you have inspired one or two laughs in you time blogging.

    Great video. I played it next to am open window and all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking!


  4. The video is just great, Frank. I enjoyed watching the few people on the subway with absolutely no intention of cracking a smile! I’d have lost it if i’d been in the car with the women laughing. It’s infectious. Glad you had a good weekend, even with the oppressive weather. We have heat but no humidity. It’s not a weather condition I covet, but the absence of moisture in the air is also why we are like a tinder box by mid-summer! We had a lovely weekend. Not too much activity, and a nice family day today. Now on to Monday…weekend went too quickly! 🙂


  5. Oh I am one of those who find it hard to stop laughing. its terrible cos I some times remember things at such odd places and hours.. can’t tell you how difficult it becomes ..
    Hey 1200th post wow congrats
    and its raining heavily here and as usual one day of heavy rains= water logged city


  6. Wow…..1200 posts. That’s quite some going, Frank. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable weekend. I saw this video on someone else’s bog, and yes, the laughing is infectious. Lovely to see people having a good giggle. 😀


  7. Your hilarious video further proves my long held view that to get along, the world needs fewer cars and more metros.

    My tip of the hat also to Justin Rose for his brilliant golf and equally classy demeanor, in a sporting event that has been described as “walking on a tightrope stretched between the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon.”


  8. Yep, I often just start laughing. I can laugh for years about something. Sometimes I’ll start laughing and when someone asks me why I’m laughing, I’ll be like “Do you remember that time in 1986 when…” It’s also great to share a laugh with a stranger isn’t it, like on that video, even though nobody knew why they were laughing!

    1200 posts!!! I’m just 2 away from 100!


  9. Jeepers, Creepers, Frank–1,200! Good for you!

    Glad you had a good weekend. We had one, as well. Sara and I have finally moved into our house in Ecuador, and furniture arrived over the weekend. Now we have something to sit on! Maybe that means I can write, as well.

    The video was hilarious! Don’t you love how laughter is so contagious!



  10. Grateful for video giggles (and cheers for your accomplishment!)
    Pretty melting here. Even the June Bugs want to swim


  11. Pretty darn good weekend, other than having to work for 7 hours on Saturday. Beautiful weather here, but it is getting hot. I did a lot of gardening and indoor work and watched the Spurs trounce the Heat.


  12. That video is so true …. it’s like somebody is standing looking up in the air for a while and then more and more start doing the same thing.
    I was asked to leave a restaurant in Gothenburg in the 70’s after a movie, I couldn’t stop laughing – so I had to leave. Don’t like Fathers Day and golf, but thanks for the brilliant video.


  13. Congrats on 1200 posts! That is amazing!! You obviously have a love for writing and I’m glad you share it with me!


    • Hood,
      Many thanks for the kind words. My initial focus was on politics and sports, and just went from there. Yes, I enjoy writing, but also enjoy interacting with readers … so thanks for you and the others who visit and comment.


  14. Oh, Frank, I love that laughing: lOVE it!!! 🙂 Thank you so much hee hee hee.

    It was so great. Funny how people are unnerved at first, curious, and then fold.

    And how’s the long haired girl at the end who just wouldn’t give, then had to leave, couldn’t bear it… what a loss of an opportunity.


  15. It wasn’t until I moved to Boston did I understand why people hate humidity. I’m so sorry, Frank. come to London. Grey skies but no humidity.


  16. Frank, 1,200 that is a great deal of posting, information providing and general interaction .. congratulations.

    Isn’t it funny how other peoples laughter can cause us to at least smile if not outright laugh?

    Being from Houston, I love humidity!!


    • Val,
      I was in Houston one August years ago … wow … now that was oppressive. Good for you for enjoying it … but not I.

      Great point about the effect of others – especially causes others to at least smile.

      Thanks on the congrats.


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