On Senses for Monday

Not only did the first day of summer bring a full moon, it also delivered some heat and humidity … YUK! To combat the yukky weather, we stayed cool during the day, but that didn’t stop as evenings included time on the ballroom floor and a lawn seat at the Cincinnati Pops concert featuring Broadway songs. Sunday afternoon we sat in a cool theater for Now You See Me, which is an entertaining movie.

How was your weekend? Come on now, give us the scoop.

Just so you know, the approaching week is Fish are Friends Not Food Week. Plus, here are some celebrations for the week.

  • Monday: Celebration of the Senses Day
  • Tuesday: Global Beatles Day
  • Wednesday: National Canoe Day
  • Thursday: National Handshake Day
  • Friday: The second day of Watermelon Seed Spitting Days (through Sunday)

So let’s start the week with something that smells good to most people. Have a good week!

60 thoughts on “On Senses for Monday

  1. This is awesome! Recognized one of my old Pie heavens in Brooklyn Funny how you can tell the part of the county by the pie shown. Or the crappy pizza from the Dominoes and such shots.
    Thought I was sick of pizza until now. No way. Good thing it’s Pizza Celebration Week.
    Enjoy your outdoor concerts


  2. A childhood friend visited for the weekend, Frank and we had fun. Watched a few movies including the new Star Trek, went for a hike and did a little shopping. Now, I’m catching up on emails and laundry…


    • Spiced,
      Rain, rain, rain sure can dampen a weekend. Is this normal for this time of year? The Broadway concert was good … and the Pops had a Toni nominated singer for about half the songs.


  3. Yeah, the heat and humidity have made their way over here, too, Frank. My A/C-less sanctum santorum is starting to feel like a sweat lodge again. This weekend, I volunteer ushered a play about Susan Sontag (Sontag: Reborn) and hung out with a few members of my posse. Yes, I do love the smell of pizza. Brick oven-style was my favorite. Oh, if only I could eat it again, but both the cheese and the sauce are lethal to my weak guts. So, will you do a post on the Fab Four for Global Beatles Day?


  4. The weather here has been nice the last few days, back to normal. A bit earlier it was hotter than usual, so we had already hit several days up around 110 degress. I was not aware of all the day celebrations I was missing, thanks for the list! And the pizza song. I just may need to order pizza for dinner soon.


  5. YEY!!! Have a great pizza week Frank!!!
    PS ok with the rest of the week, mind you Thursday sounds like a sore hand day, but “Watermelon Seed Spitting Dayssssssssss”?!!!!! 😆


  6. I did nothing fun, nothing!! But I was productive I cleaned out my pantry it was very much needed and it sets us well on our way to better diet and more effecient meal preparation.

    I keep telling you Frank, humidity is good. It keeps our skin smooth and wrinkle free.


  7. I look forward to hearing more details about the movie “NOW YOU SEE ME.” I’ve read several good reviews and I enjoy anything with actor Mark Ruffalo. HIs performance in “YOU CAN COUNT ON ME,” along with actress Laura Linney (and the J.S. Bach music score), remains one of my all-time favorite movie experiences.


  8. Shocking news to report here: I went on a pub tour on Friday. And now I found out fish and chips are off the menu this week. Bangers and mash it is!


  9. Happy Global Beatles Day, Frank. I will definitely be celebrating. And I must tell you that you are influencing me to spend a little money. 🙂 I purchased three of the science books you recommended and just downloaded the Piano Guys…I have an ongoing e-music account and purchase used books on-line as well. I’m impulsive, so I go cheap! 🙂 The music is beyond wonderful, and I’m looking forward to the books. I thought about the library, but I have a good friend I will share with after I’ve read, so used works well. I will let you know how the reading goes. Thank you!


    • Debra,
      Well now …. I will be anxious to hear about the books after you read them, so keep me in the loop! Plus, the fact that you have a friend also interested makes me smile!


  10. The pops concert sounds wonderful – broadway tunes are great music – real entertainment.
    Low key weekend here. Some work had to be completed in the office – and it’s too hot to be outside…makes even the dog sleepy – until dusk when breezes from the coast make it a little easier to be outside…the dog runs wildly for about 10minutes. We usually walk down to the lake and then head back inside before mosquitoes get too annoying.
    Sound like there celebrations for the week – any excuse to party!


    • Mouse,
      Oh how I would hate your summer weather. Then again, you know what you can and can’t do. Hope a break comes along for you.

      The concert made for a pleasant Saturday night!


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