On a Symbolic Bike


This is my friend – the one who someone fatally shot from the outside while sitting in his favorite chair inside his house. I post this as a tribute to a wonderful person missed by many.

This picture is from his ride across the country for his 60th birthday. After all, the bicycle is a symbol for him and his life

Bicycle is a symbol for outdoor activity

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Working outside

Bicycle is a symbol for working with his hands

  • Working on his own bike
  • Daring to fix anything
  • Baking bread
  • Willingness to help those who ask or are in need
  • Work at church on the property maintenance
  • Cooking for Men’s Breakfast group
  • Volunteering on a local bike trail

Bicycle is a symbol of freedom

  • Freedom of outdoor activities
  • Freedom to bicycle across the country
  • Freedom to try something new
  • Fought for freedom as a Marine in Vietnam

Bicycle is a symbol of his personality

  • Smiling as he rode
  • Free spirit of adventure
  • Daredevil to try
  • Outgoing friendliness
  • Ease of talking with strangers

Bicycle is a symbol for what he loved

  • Outdoors
  • Meeting people
  • Country
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Cake
  • Helping people
  • Friends
  • Wife
  • God

Cheers to my friend! After all, he would smile at this.

61 thoughts on “On a Symbolic Bike

  1. A very nice tribute. I really don’t understand how such a thing could happen. Was it really an accident? What a tragedy. But you have shown him looking very good; at a moment of great accomplishment.


  2. A truly uplifting music video.

    I smiled along with your friend, I mourn his senselessness death, I unapologetically support gun control.


  3. What a great way to look at a bright life in a bright light. My condolences for you, his family, and his friend. I hope they all find a way to smile through this.


  4. Dear Frank,
    I’m so sorry for the loss of someone who sounds so very cool. Tragic, senseless, unnecessary. I hate guns and the fools who do stupid things with them. Stupid and deadly.


  5. I am very deeply moved by the tribute you’ve written remembering your friend, and sharing him with us. I can only imagine what a huge hole he has left in the many lives he touched. He sounds like a man who lived life well and the circumstances of his death leave me sickened. I can imagine how much he would appreciate such a gorgeous musical tribute, too. Sometimes our hearts just plain old hurt!


    • Debra,
      He was a good guy in many ways … and his personality was always a joy to be around. Tragic indeed … and senseless as well, but I still smile in remembrance. Thanks for the kind words.


  6. Frank, I am so sorry regarding your friend. It is just too, too insane.

    A wonderful photo.

    The music is beautiful too – never this before.


    • Words,
      Although a tragic death, he touched the life of many in simple ways. I recently heard from his widow, who also enjoyed the post. Glad you enjoyed this video and music from The Piano Guys.


  7. What a beautiful tribute to your friend. Such senseless and random violence hurts so many, many people.

    I love The Piano guys and was first introduced to them by Alex Autin, another inspiring blogger. 🙂


  8. Bicycles are a step towards independence for kids. I remember the first one i bought with my own money . Metallic green . Unknown brand called “utopia.” Was $110. Probably about 1974.


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