On Satire Bits: Vol. 61

How’s your week going?

Hot and muggy is still in the Ohio Valley, and will be for a few more days. Needless to say, it was hot playing golf today, but I keep my fluids up for my mediocre golf scores. I hope my consistency returns!

Below is your mid-week dose of satire. Any favorites? For those desiring a challenge, make your own combination by using the information in the headlines. My combo is at the end.

FYI: I hope to announce (on Friday) the next act of Time: The Musical. Meanwhile, have a good rest of the week.

Man does good job getting drunk

Woman gets Google alert for Kevin Costner

70% of world’s population could use all-star benefit concert

Desperate mom okays male babysitter

25-year-old’s biggest dream still being popular high school student

Dude with knit hat at party calls beer “Libations”

Web series reaches 100 views

Restaurant’s extreme burger challenge moved down to regular menu

Uncle Ben’s to compete against Apple with brand of new Smartphone

Grapes ‘big hit” at area picnic

Local airhead wants to work with kids

Husband, wife have conflicting ideas about what constitute healthy sex life

My Combo: 70% of local airheads get drunk on grapes at restaurant’s Extreme Uncle Ben’s Challenge fir healthy sex

52 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 61

  1. I like the new header, Frank. It’s very hot and summery, although we’ve had lots of rain recently. What’s going on here?! It doesn’t rain in California? My fav is 70% of the World Population needing a benefit concert. I think this is actually probably truthful!


    • Bumble,
      You hit the very reason I picked this header. Rainy in California in the summer? …. are you dreaming? 😉 Meanwhile, sadly for this one, but good satire seems real.


  2. It was hot humid hell here but since last two days it has been beautiful Monsoon has finally arrived, of course now it will be wet and water logged city for a long time
    My Combo: Kids get Google alerts for airheads wanting to work with them


    • Soma,
      Compared to your humidity, I imagine mine is more like a desert … and I can’t imagine monsoon season. Meanwhile …. LOL on the kids taking advantage of the airheads. 😀


  3. Google to alert 70% of Web: Kevin Costner gets healthy sex life with brand new male babysitter.

    Dude could use Smartphone at picnic area to constitute benefit for world’s views of drunk population.

    Desperate 25-year-old Woman reaches 100 Libations, still popular at high school party.

    All star concert does good job to compete against Uncle Ben’s kids.

    Man with biggest grapes getting hit with conflicting dream series: Being with regular airhead wife/extreme beer-burger challenge



  4. Ouch! Having heard you talk about the smaller food portions you encountered on your trip to Italy, I feel your pain over the headline, “Restaurant’s extreme burger challenge moved down to regular menu.”


  5. Husband, wife have conflicting ideas about what constitute healthy sex life

    Why is this satire?

    Desperate mom okays 25-year-old’s biggest dream of good job getting drunk

    We haven’t even hit three digits yet, summer doesn’t feel as if it is here. Like your new header Frank.


    • Val,
      Nothing like a supportive parent no matter the endeavor. The husband-wife is good satire because it is so real. Meanwhile, sorry to hear that your area is stuck in spring. 😉


  6. Let me try…
    Drunk man googles alert woman at concert about her 100 libations. Ben’s sex life in high school was not on the menu this time. Check the Kid’s Menu.


  7. I know how you feel. I just broke 100 for the third time ever the other day (93, whoop!) and it’s hotter than the blazes here in Florida. Keep yourself hydrated! The course is calling!

    Alright, time for my crack at the combo.

    Desperate Mom Okays Local Airhead to Work With Kids. 70% of Grapes Used for Libations, Husband and Wife have Conflicting Ideas as to if he Did a Good Job Getting Drunk.


  8. It’s so hot here its unbearable. I just hope your week is going well my friend. And this one “Web series reaches 100 views” made me smirk. The web series must be very bad lol


  9. Oh Frank, I was just on the phone with my sister and she asked me if I’d seen the Geico Camel Hump Day commercial (I hadn’t). It is as funny as she said. I liked your line-up in your post, but the posting of this video is my favorite this week. I think I’ll go watch again. I need a good laugh. 🙂


  10. 70% of world’s population could use all-star benefit concert–this was kind of an “ouch” more than funny, but it made me laugh at the truth of it! The others are all really good this week, too. My other favorite is, Dude with knit hat at party calls beer “Libations.”

    Thank you for the Piano Guys version of “Over the Rainbow” earlier this week. I wanted a gift for my cousin following our great reunion weekend, and I had a CD of the “Guys” sent to her. When I heard it, I knew it was perfect. You get the credit! 🙂


    • Debra,
      I thought the same thing about the Ouch! …. and how can we not laugh at the dude in the knit cap. Are those worn in LA?

      Hooray to me for leading you to a good gift! 😉


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