On Keep on Trunkin’

Cheers everyone!

Since my last post, Cincinnati has been muggy and usually rainy. Unfortunately, the weather cancelled our neighborhood’s annual Fourth of July gathering. But the weather didn’t stop us from finding some enjoyable indoor events as

  • an outstanding dinosaurs Omnimax film and exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center
  • several good movies at home (Moneyball and the original Manchurian Candidate) with good wine and Harry and David Moose Munch
  • current film Much Ado about Nothing (interesting and one that Shakespeare lovers will enjoy)
  • time on the ballroom floor
  • several trips to Costco and Graeter’s (for National Ice Cream Month)

After a few days of not posting, it’s time to get back to the action. For a look at the week ahead, this week is Nude Recreation Week, plus plan on celebrating International Town Crier Day (Monday), Hot Dog Night (Wednesday), Pina Colada Day (Wednesday), and Simplicity Day (Friday).

Do you remember Peter the Elephant’s antics with the piano last week? Well, here’s Peter to once again start your week. Have a good week!