On Keep on Trunkin’

Cheers everyone!

Since my last post, Cincinnati has been muggy and usually rainy. Unfortunately, the weather cancelled our neighborhood’s annual Fourth of July gathering. But the weather didn’t stop us from finding some enjoyable indoor events as

  • an outstanding dinosaurs Omnimax film and exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center
  • several good movies at home (Moneyball and the original Manchurian Candidate) with good wine and Harry and David Moose Munch
  • current film Much Ado about Nothing (interesting and one that Shakespeare lovers will enjoy)
  • time on the ballroom floor
  • several trips to Costco and Graeter’s (for National Ice Cream Month)

After a few days of not posting, it’s time to get back to the action. For a look at the week ahead, this week is Nude Recreation Week, plus plan on celebrating International Town Crier Day (Monday), Hot Dog Night (Wednesday), Pina Colada Day (Wednesday), and Simplicity Day (Friday).

Do you remember Peter the Elephant’s antics with the piano last week? Well, here’s Peter to once again start your week. Have a good week!

61 thoughts on “On Keep on Trunkin’

  1. Wish we could get some of that rain…they keep promising.
    Dinosaurs Omnimax film, Manchurian Candidate and Costco – plus all the rest – you always have such an interesting mix.
    Sounds like a big week ahead – and Peter, too.
    Thanks for the fun!


  2. The Manchurian Candidate is such a great movie — better than the newer one (which is also good).

    I see that elephant playing piano, Frank, and must add that we donkeys never got to take lessons.


  3. I’m with Audra. National Ice Cream Month? I’m in! We got back this afternoon from a fabulous trip to Taos, NM. Great food, great hiking, a wonderful trip to the Taos Pueblo with some time shooting photos and of course, shopping! I scored a few great pieces of wearable art and a beautiful micaceous clay pot from the Pueblo. It was a great weekend.


  4. Sounds like a great weekend, Frank. Ice cream month has to be a great idea, although I’m not so sure about nude recreation week. 😕 Thanks for the elephant smiles again. 🙂


  5. Ice cream foe a whole month, YUM, I’m with you on that. As for Nude Recreation Week, I think I’ll just let you hang out on your own if you don’t mind 🙂


  6. Indulged in a Graeter’s banana split last month at the 360 View Restaurant. Usually, I can’t fit dessert, but four of us at the table split it…and yes, raspberry chocolate chunk was one of the scoops.


  7. While your weather has turned unpleasant, ours has turned glorious over the last few days and is forecast to continue, please let it! I know several others have commented too, but – nude recreation week?! Last year I witnessed (by chance, not planning!) the nude bike ride through London, the one that they do in lots of cities around the world, some of the riders were on these bikes that you can hire in london, just pick up and drop off at certain points around the city, and I just thought…well, I won’t tell you what I thought about that!


    • Vanessa,
      The weather I saw from the big Andy Murray win looked outstanding. Meanwhile, I searched YouTube for that London bike event … what a hoot. …. and 2013’s event has passed.


  8. Lots and lots of rain here this weekend, Frank, and probably more for today. It seems there’s WAY too many daily observances to take part in all. Sign me up for Pina Colada Day!


  9. Nude Recreation Week? Please tell me that’s not a State law. I love both the Manchurian Candidate and Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t good but it sounds like you had great fun regardless xx


  10. You know, we don’t have Graeter’s in SoCal. I feel like I must be missing out on something really great! 🙂 I’m so sorry that weather cancelled your plans for the 4th, but you always make the most of it. Sounds like you definitely still had a festive time. Your movie choices are very nice. We saw The Lone Ranger, and although the critics didn’t care for it, we definitely enjoyed ourselves! I’ll see what I can do to honor Piña Colada Day! What a super idea. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Oh no … you are not getting off that easy. Go to graeters.com, look on the right side for “Find Graeter’s” where you can enter you zipcode for the store nearest to you. I know you get around the city, but it seems Ralph’s has this creamy Cincinnati treat. You can have a spoonful or two, then let the girls finish the rest.

      Congratulations on being the first person proclaiming the enjoyed The Lone Ranger! Good luck with Piña Colada Day!


  11. yep – I have always eaten a few pints of Graeters this month:) I must, I must, I must. If i am going to indulge in the fat grams, it might as well be with the best fat grams there is!


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