Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 188

On Politics
No matter the issue, Congress gridlock continues to be a battle between ideological obstinance and inability to make tough decisions, thus kicking the can down the road.

It’s the House bill or nothing on immigration (Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark, title of his Op-Ed in the July 11th Wall Street Journal)

The current Republican brand of obstructionist continues to serve as an example of our Congressional attitude. Robert Reich helps make my point; plus this one from columnist Michael Tomasky adds to the twist.

In a Wednesday speech about immigration, President Bush (an immigration reform supporter) stated, “But we have a problem, the laws governing the immigration system aren’t working. The system is broken.” I understand his point, but I ask this question: Which is ineffective, the law or the implementation?

As different countries offer Edward Snowden asylum, I like this offer: The Onion offers a swift, painless death to Edward Snowden (Click to read it)

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Report: 79% of sincere thoughts played off as jokes
  • American Dental Association recommends making your gums hurt really bad once a day
  • Area man loses all control of face while thinking
  • Lovers lost in fog
  • Terrifed Johnny Depp unable to remove Tonto makeup
  • CIA interrogator apologizes profusely after asking questions about touchy subject
  • Pregnant wife has no idea which Jonas brother she married

Interesting Reads
Obamacare delay: The winners and losers
Infographics: Inside Fireworks
Ohio and the Civil War
An inexpensive summer wines from Portugal
Columnist Peggy Nonnan on writing of a great address
Mountain gorillas of Uganda
Beer-flavored ice cream (for National Ice Cream Month)

On Potpourri
Interesting how the networks are cancelling more television shows not based on ratings, but on demographics that drive marketing. Older demographic groups lost Harry’s Law last year, so this year’s cuts include Body of Proof, Monday Mornings, and Red Widow.

I dislike the way baseball players are selected for the upcoming All-Star Game, which is just another reason to hate MLB Commimssioner Bud Selig.

Our house had quite the rain downpour on Wednesday: 3 inches (7.6 cm) in 30 minutes.

Yesterday was one of the few days I missed a post. Oh well, I just ran out of time, which also means I’m learning not to panic or force a post.

There will be a Saturday Morning Cartoon post this weekend.

Looking at the weekend ahead, don’t forget these celebratory events: Simplicity Day (Friday), National French Fries Day (Saturday), Gruntled Workers Day (Saturday), Bald Is In Day (Saturday), Embrace Your Geekness Day (Saturday), and International Nude Day (Sunday), which happens to be the end of Nude Recreation Week.

In honor of the World Piano Competition in currently in Cincinnati, here are The Piano Guys to send you into the weekend. Have a good weekend. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


63 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 188

  1. I can’t believe you have this one on the day I had to go to the dentist with a broken tooth, Frank. “American Dental Association recommends making your gums hurt really bad once a day” I was just forgetting …

    And Disgruntled Workers Day is Saturday? That’s hilarious! If I were disgruntled (and I am not — I’m one of the lucky ones) I would be able to celebrate. Or protest. Or grunt.


    • Elyse,
      A broken tooth? Ouch …. the whole tooth or a portion?

      Oh no … Saturday is not Disgruntled Workers Day, but Gruntled Workers Day – so because you are not disgruntled, you must be gruntled. Enjoy the celebration!


      • A piece broke off on 4th of July. I opted for Chibata buns instead of crummy hamburger buns (at my brother’s suggestion, so it’s all his fault). A piece broke off with my first bite, but it didn’t hurt. That was good because there wasn’t a working dentist between Maine (where I was) and VA where I am. Did you know they ALL take the long weekend off?

        I’m glad about tomorrow. I’ll let my boss know that I am a Gruntled Worker. I’m sure that’ll get me a raise.


  2. Beer flavored ice cream! I think I need to pop a lactaid pill just thinking about that, Frank. Yay, a cartoon post on Saturday! Of course, I’ll probably read it at 11 pm Sunday … Have a great weekend!


  3. I’ve been very out of touch with the news the past 8 days during our trip thru the high Rockies of Montana and Alberta. Doesn’t seem like we missed anything…same ol’ same ol’. Frank, I think The Onion has nailed the news again.


    • Jim,
      Welcome back, and hope you had a wonderful trip full of joys. I find it refreshing to be away from the news for extended time. At least the forehead gets a break from hitting the wall.


  4. Your posts never cease to amaze me… your ability to push the boundaries of though provoking content is outstanding… the amount of times after reading your posts I have to sit and contemplate what you have said is so numerous that I often leave your post as the last to be read… so as not to cloud my mind whilst reading others posts… thank you for that…


    • Bulldog,
      I’m humbled at your high praise. I believe it is important not to try to be who they are not … in other words, I know I’m not a humorist, a writer of fiction, or one with a lot of emotion from the soul, so I write from the head. Simply many, many, many thanks for your kind words.


  5. I’ve lost control of my entire body from thinking too hard. Of course, it doesn’t take all that much. Might explain the lovers lost in the fog. It depends what they were thinking about. 😉


  6. They are so good! I love the Piano Guys!

    Great mash up of articles and that led to a wonderfully interesting poll, fascinating stuff.

    The Onion, how I love it. I am frayed on the edges this moring out of imagination. But several made me giggle out loud. Thank you for that.


  7. The Grand Ol’ White Poopheads are on their way to extinction. I love it. They show no insight or ability to learn from experience. Venezuela will be a scary, lonely place for Snowdon. Boo hoo.


  8. Area man loses all control of face while thinking is the Onion winner today.
    A lot of interesting stuff in there. What happens to the can when they reach the end of the road? As for the ******** bean counters who cancel shows, don’t get me started! Is no one ever going to realize that good TV isn’t about how many brain dead people watch a show????


  9. This being Simplicity Day, I’m simply going to say THANKS for the thought, humor, and writing skill you put into your blog entries.


  10. Surprisingly, I agreed with a lot of McConnells thoughts on filibuster reform.
    Pity I so often think he’s a jackass on other things.

    Off to read about Ohio and the Civil War.
    Have a great weekend, Frank!


    • Guapo,
      Regarding McConnel, even boneheads can occasionally utter something profound. Meanwhile, the Civil War in Ohio wasn’t much, but the article about Morgan’s Raiders is interesting and our claim to Civil War history.


    • Mouse,
      Fortunately for me, the only reality shows I watch are Dancing with the Stars and Chopped (Food Network). But I guess that’s what sells to the targeted marketing group.


  11. Based on demographics – marketing? Wow, really that is interesting to me. It distinctly says the shows are not out to serve the people, but simply to bait you and see what they can get of YOU. Wicked stuff.

    Loved the piano playing – and the 79% statistic… hmm indeed.


  12. Your reads really do look interesting. I’m certain to read the Obamacare article. I’ve been a little too busy this week myself and have really struggled with keeping up. I don’t feel such pressure about my commitment as a performance-based measure, but I feel a a let-down and wonder what I’ve missed. We all need to be kind to ourselves in this regard if we’re going to stay the course! And thanks to you one of my favorite things to do in the evening now is stream The Piano Guys on my television. Once I get started, I can’t stop! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Frank, and recharge your batteries!


    • Debra,
      As you know, I try to provide a mish-mash of articles – and with you being one of the regulars who looks at these, you keep me going.

      Good points about blogging. Both posting and reading shouldn’t feel pressured, but I think bloggers are tougher on themselves than their readers.

      BTW – I was unsuccessful on my search for treatment for Addicted to The Piano Guys!


  13. I loved the piano video. That was dope. I couldn’t believe I recognized the song too… I think that’s a good thing 🙂

    This video actually got over 404 million views. Who knew that was a thing?

    Anyway, thanks. Happy super hot Monday! 🙂


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