On Two Crazy Birds


It’s Heckle and Jeckle!

A pair of identical magpies in appearance and who are brash, cynical and antagonistic to deliberately annoy and outwit foes with comic aggression

Also characterized by their witty banter with each other

They seldom referred to each other by name

#25 on TV Guide’s All-Time Cartoon Characters


  • Speaks with an English accent
  • Uses refined language
  • Refers to Heckle as “old chap”, “old thing”, “old boy” or “old featherhead”
  • More devious than Heckle
  • Initially more polite


  • Speaks with a gruff New York dialect
  • More rough and informal than refined
  • Refers to Jeckle as “chum” or “pal”
  • More confrontational than Jeckle

They can sing (as in the beginning of Blue Plate Symphony (1954)



Created by Paul Terry at his own Terrytoons animation studio

Heckle and Jeckle preceded Goofy Gophers (Warner Brothers) and Chip ‘n’ Dale (Disney)

5 voices actors (1946-1981) with Sid Raymond being the first

52 Heckle and Jeckle theatrical shorts
First appearance The Talking Magpies (Terrytoons, 1946)
Last appearance Birds of Paradise (Filmation, 1981)
Last made by CBS Messed-Up Movie Makers (1966)

Appeared as husband and wife in The Talking Magpies, which only last one episode  (If she prefers, Tiny Geek can click here for a low-quality version in French)


First television appearance July 13, 1956, CBS Cartoon Theatre hosting by Dick Van Dyke

Frequently appeared on various Mighty Mouse shows and eventually, their own show

Also appeared in comic books as Terrytoon Comics,  St. John Publications, Pines Comics, Dell Comics, and Gold Key Comics

Enjoy Taming the Cat (1948)