On a Dummy Monday

We had a busy weekend … so how was yours? Give us some scoop!

We had two nights of ballroom, a 9-mile bike ride, dinner at a Thai restaurant, a short trip to the casino to qualify for the million dollar drawing, and our first trip to a monthly street festival that occurs in an inner city neighborhood that has been transforming. It was a great place to watch people as some of the city’s free spirits attended.

The week ahead provides ample opportunities to celebrate with Be a Dork Day (Mon), Gummi Worm Day (Mon), Wrong-Way Corrigan Day (Wed), Yellow Pig Day (Wed), and Nelson Mandela Day for Freedom Justice and Democracy Day (Thurs).

This week is Everybody Deserves a Massage Week and National Ventriloquist Week, so enjoy this comedy bit to start your week. Have a good week ahead!


66 thoughts on “On a Dummy Monday

  1. My weekend covered lots of miles. Saturday morning broke in Bonners Ferry, ID. We were on our way back from Banff and Yoho NPs. Stayed at the Log Inn in Bonners Ferry. ALL the furniture is made of logs. The king sized bed must have weighed 10 tons by the looks of it. The toilet paper roll holder could be used as a hitch to pull a trailer. I couldn’t break anything in that place. It was roomy and comfortable and affordable. I would go back again.

    From there we drove to Spokane, returned out rental car and flew to Minneapolis. Caught the short hop to Cedar Rapids, IA. Neighbors picked us up to bring us home.

    Today was laundry, groceries, and various back to the real world things.

    By the way, people watching is one of our favorite activities. We make up great stories about the people we see.


    • Jim,
      Welcome home. Then again, by the end of today, vacation will seem like a distant memory. 😉 …. That first day home after is always a busy one! I just checked out the inn … interesting …. and yes, that’s a lot of big wood! http://www.bonnersferryloginn.com/

      Ah ha … as a people watcher, now that’s a worthy post topic. This event including dancing transvestites, some young people dressed in retro 60s wear (amazing how some things come back), a dog with peach-colored hair and white ears.


  2. I do love Thai. Had some wonderful Thai food on Thursday. We were quite busy as well in London and I’m not prepared for this week at all. Have a wonderful week, Frank!


  3. So far today I’ve posted two comments on two blogs which haven’t disappeared into spam folders, that’s quite an achievement for me at the moment! Let’s see what happens here… I’m not somwhere where I can watch a video at the moment, so I will have to remember to come back later and do that. My weekend was mostly around taking the kids to various places they needed to be, and hosting their friends; my daughter had 6 friends round to sleep on Saturday night! Sunday I mostly spent outside, pruning and cutting and weeding, which was all rather pleasant in the sunshine 🙂


    • Vanessa,
      Hooray for not falling into the dark hole of Spam folders. Hang in there … and be patient!

      Sounds like you used Sunday to recharge yourself! Good for you ….. and cheers to having pleasant weather! Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy this video, so I encourage you to see it.


    • Val,
      I just thought of you as I noticed that Dallas weather has not been in Val-approved temps. Our weekend was fun, not too crazy, but not busy. But hey – gotta love the ventriloquist act …. and yes, the puppet went along well.


  4. My weekend started in Bernkastel, Germany with a bike ride up the Mosel river and a 12 bottle Riesling tasting at Karl Erbes in Urzig. Then on to Cochem where I gave up my bike and jumped on three trains in order to get back to Paris. Early flight out on Sunday to Dulles, followed by a transfer to Union Station in D.C. where I caught a train back to Philly. Other than that, not much going on….


  5. We had guests this weekend…we have had guests quite a lot lately. Fun, but it can be kind of a lot, too. 🙂 But maybe I’ll treat myself to Everybody Deserves a Massage week! I think your weekend sounds like it was quite full, too!


  6. My weekend consisted of my first 9 mile run back from injury and a lot of updating my site. debelit.com has gotten much cleaner and I have to say I’m super proud of how it turned out. I actually have a post planned on Wednesday in honor of your affinity for old cartoons.

    Here’s to hoping you hit that jackpot!


    • Peter,
      Cheers to your run after surgery! I imagine your recovery from the surgery was slow, but I’m sure you worked at it! Great new look .. and I look forward to the upcoming post! 😀


  7. I am envious of all the ballroom dancing.
    We haven’t been to the new casino yet. I’ve heard it’s nice.
    Were you in OTR? It seems like they have a first Friday or final Friday event Can’t remember which. We’ve been to that a time or two.

    I’m trying to get a post off about the Ruthven mural. Have you seen it?


    • Christine,
      The new casino is nice … but it’s still a large room with many slot machines. One must be aware of the various multipliers on each machine.

      When I think about Final Friday, the studios at the Pendleton Art Center comes to mind. (That’s a good event if you haven’t gone before) … This was Second Sunday, which will continue through October. The post contains the link.

      I haven’t seen the Ruthven mural. The Enquirer recently had an article on it, but I forgot to read it. Thanks for the reminder.


  8. My weekend was filled with sleep. For the first time ever I got to absolutely relax and do absolutely nothing. And that is so darn rare it is ridiculous lol. I enjoyed my sleep. And your weekend sounded a lot of fun


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