On an Open Weekend

Another weekend has gone and past, so how was yours? Did you celebrate National Ice Cream Day? Surprisingly, we went to Graeter’s! There still may be time to celebrate – after all – it may still be Sunday somewhere.

We had a low-key weekend, but stayed busy in the evenings with a night of ballroom and our church wine tasting group event. Β Otherwise, I took time away from watching golf to take several long walks around our neighborhood.

For me, The Open Championship (British) is one of my favorite tournaments to watch. This year’s battle for the Claret Jug was on one of the old Scottish courses that tests players skills as balls uncontrollably bounce and roll across the twists and turns of Muirfield’s seaside setting. Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for his first-ever win at this great tournament.

The week ahead provides time to celebrate National Zookeeper Week; (Mon) Rat-Catchers Day, Penuche Fudge Day, Casual Pi Day, and Spooner’s Day; (Tues) Gorgeous Grandma Day and Hot Enough for Ya Day; (Wed) Cousins Day, National Drive-Thru Day, National Tequila Day, and Tell an Old Joke Day.

Phil Mickelson is talented golfer and a good guy. He may have just won the British Open, but his best prize for his effort may be being featured on this blog. For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy this short clip from this bag of tricks … and a shot that I’m sure Bulldog has perfected. Have a good week!

84 thoughts on “On an Open Weekend

  1. shame on Ice Cream Day for only being national and not global! πŸ˜‰ Actually, its winter here (and cold with it). so I’m more inclined to indulge in some sticky date pudding and custard!

    Sounds like you had a good relaxing weekend and with wine tasting too – nice πŸ™‚


    • Charlie,
      It may have been National Ice Cream Day, but being the love for the treat is global, anyone can celebrate … even late.

      Our wine theme was “Light and Refreshing” …. not my favorite wines, but it was interesting.


  2. I DID celebrate National ice cream day — with someone who laughed at me while I lobbied to make 1986 the Oil Heat Centennial! Yes, I have led quite na exciting life …


  3. Oh my God there is an ice cream day and I didn’t know about it!!! am so ashamed but then for me everyday is an ice cream day so may be I will be forgiven..
    here it rained, and when I say rains I mean The Great Flood kind of rain, add to it poor drainage system and voila you have Venice in Delhi, only the water had elements of all kinds floating on it..so it was ..umm don’t have word for it yet


  4. Yes Frank.. spent hours of my time attempting to play this shot..lol.. mostly managing to lose the ball deep in bush in the wrong direction… what Phil makes look easy, only Phil can do… He is the genuine “Nice” guy of golf, and I’m so pleased for his win this weekend… he is one of the real shot makers who has perfected the short game, that has probably surpassed the likes of our own Gary Player… He is a master of such shots, and to be honest I often wonder why Tiger has the following that Phil seems to lack… he should have so many majors in his bag, maybe this is the beginning of a long run.. I certainly hope so…


    • Bulldog,
      Thanks for the Gary Player reference as he was a master of the short game … just like Phil is today. Interestingly, I think much of Tiger’s following is due to how Tiger burst onto the scene and the incredible run that he had. For whatever reason, I’ve noticed that many of Phil’s fans seem to have anti-Tiger sentiments. For me, I simply like watching good shots, but recognize that having the big names in the hunt on Sunday is a plus.

      As far as this past weekend, I was actually pulling for Westwood. The Brits have been on a roll (Olympics, Murray at Wimbledon, two Tour de France wins, and a few others. Thought is was only fitting. Meanwhile, keep working on that shot, but with old balls.


  5. This weekend started sweltering Frank, but finally the weather has cooled a bit and the humidity’s lifted, but I am certain that in the Northeast we’ve already had a week of Hot Enough for Ya Day.

    I feel like I should rename myself Sam Champion.


  6. Had I known it was ice cream day I would have celebrated. I will seek out a delicious ice cream tomorrow as a late celebration.


  7. It seems I’ll be celebrating my birthday with some old Grandmas and I’m hoping to be able to say “hot enough for ya” to celebrate that little celebration, too! Hubby watched the British Open, but unfortunately, I was otherwise occupied with puppy training and friends…He was happy about Mr. Mickleson’s win, though.


  8. We bought mint chip ice cream. We also made yogurt this weekend. Perhaps a post about the simplicity of it will be forthcoming.

    Looking forward to Gorgeous Grandma Day. There is one right across the table from me now. Hey, every day is GGD.

    I watched Sat and Sun as the golfers jockied up and down the leader board. Being one myself, I know the way the game can change in a heart beat. So many things are not in your control. It was a good win for the Phil. And, he did win going away. The others didn’t so much lose. He just played better when it mattered at the end. By the way, I love that shot video above. Artistry.


    • Jim,
      That a way for scoring big-time points with Melanie. πŸ˜‰

      4-days of championship golf is such a grind, and let’s face it …. low score wins … and one good round is not enough. Meanwhile, now that you’ve seen the video, give it a try! πŸ˜‰

      Mint chip ice cream is wonderful! Jim … you owe it to yourself and Melanie to try Graeter’s ice cream. it is a real treat. Start here …. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/on-graeter-the-greatest/ …. and it is available in Iowa!


      • We love Oberweiss when in the Chicago area 25 yrs ago. Here the big brand is Blue Bunny in Wells. I will look for Graeter’s. It must be graet.

        True, a tournament win one good round does not make. That was hard to type.


  9. Good morning Frank, and no, as I’ve said, I don’t need a special day to celebrate ice cream. Any day will do! πŸ˜€ And I did have some over the weekend! My weekend was a quiet one, I’ve one more week (and weekend!) to go before returning to Texas. Here’s hoping that week is a good one – for us both!


    • Good Morning Alex,
      You should be on the second cup by now. πŸ˜‰ On your return trip home, I imagine you will pass more than one place you can get some Graeter’s. Meanwhile, I hope you time in Mississippi has gone well. Did the homeowners stock you with SB?


  10. And a Swede came second … and won loads of money, Henrik Stenson – he nearly had it … but Mickelson got it. Heard it on the news … but it great that Sweden has a great golfer again – we need somebody out there .. to hold our flag proudly. Haven’t been anything really since BjΓΆrn Borg.


  11. Isn’t it wonderful Phil won? My husband is so happy for him.

    With grandson visiting, every day is Ice Cream Sandwich Day made with our TX brand Blue Bell – no blue flavors that I know of- from Brenham, TX. A box holds 24 leaving plenty for grandpa, too.


    • Georgette,
      Oh my …. your ongoing celebration of ice cream sandwiches sounds wonderful! We try to keep them out of this house because my wife finds them to be addictive.

      Phil is a good guy and has had a wonderful career … and to win that tournament for the first time is special.


  12. I happened to catch Mickelson’s win, which was almost never likely to happen because I simply do not enjoy watching sports. But my mother-in-law was here and she loves watching sports so she and my husband commandeered the television.

    The other odd coincidence is that I did have ice cream (over a brownie) this weekend, again because of MIL. We rarely have dessert and hardly ever is it ice cream (unless you count frozen ice milk a la Dairy Queen style to be ice cream in which case all bets are off).

    And I’ve got to ask, what is casual pi day?


  13. I love the British Open and can’t believe I missed it this year. I don’ think I had time to turn the television on this weekend. Yes, congratulations to Phil; he is certainly one of the good guys. That’s a fun clip. I’ve never seen a shot like that – not even from Tiger. πŸ˜‰ Have a good week, Frank!


    • Maddie,
      Good news is that ESPN was broadcasting live early morning. Heck, Thursday & Friday broadcasts started in the wee-hours of the morning/night … thus going strong when I got up. Weekend broadcasts started at 7 am. Oh well … sorry you missed it. Meanwhile, Phil is a master of wedges, so having him do this is no surprise.


  14. Count me in as both a Phil fan and an LPGA fan. No cussing, club throwing, or scowling by either.

    I didn’t get around to celebrating National Ice Cream Day because I was still celebrating last Friday’s National Scrabble Day. I’m enjoying playing on my new Super Scrabble Edition which features a bigger board plus quadruple word and letter scores. I’m also utilizing a new letter scoring system that a computer came up with to reflect modern word usage. Here are the letters the new system changes (old numbers in parenthesis): C: 2 (3), G: 3 (2), J: 6 (8), L: 2 (1), P: 2 (3), V: 5 (4), Y: 3 (4), F: 3 (4), H: 2 (4), K: 4 (5), M: 2 (3), U: 2 (1), X: 5 (8), Z: 6 (10)


  15. No ice cream for me, but my sister did make the most delicious Tiramisu for my early birthday lunch yesterday. Coupled with a tasty Lamb Tagine, and a couple of glasses of champagne and another glass of Merlot, I wasn’t complaining. πŸ™‚


  16. Whaddya mean “ice cream day”? I’ve been celebrating all month and no sign of stopping.
    Liked the golf clip but I know a few guys who can do that – except they’re trying to hit the ball forwards.


  17. Always Ice Cream celebration at this house! (I may give up sodas, and other treats/snacks – but never ice cream)
    Speaking of hot Texas summers – I remember counting past 20 days of over 100 degree temps in 1980….really not too uncommon…but how did we manage without air conditioning?…I lived in the city pool for hours each day like the rest of the kids.
    Made the ice cream very welcomed.
    HAve a nice week – quite a list of celebrations to look forward to


  18. Phil was AMAZING!! Fantastic.
    My BoSox came out of the weekend 2 out of three with a walk- off bomb last night!!
    So I had to have mint choc chip and sadly the only flavor the store carries for Graeters is Mocha Chip. So I bought Friendly’s cause it was on sale. ( meh) however as a reward for completing my summer class, I am going to shell out the astronomical price of 7.50$$$ for a freaking pint of your Graeter Gold on Wednesday. It better be good. πŸ™‚


    • Audra,
      Your comment went to moderation, probably because WP didn’t recognized it here. So I approved it then deleted the other comment.

      I said Graeter’s was pricey … but it is a cut above. Only offering Mocha Chip is a bummer, but at least it is a chip …. so at that price, make sure you like Mocha! Fortunately, I can get it at their stores for about $3 less. Heck, it’s also $2.75 for one scoop. But it is golden!

      Congrats to your Red Sox as they continue to have a good year. I just can’t see my Reds turning a corner.


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