On Alien Squirrels

With no through streets and a good number of trees, our neighborhood is peaceful. We do not live in the woods as Zannyro does, but we have a AlienSquirrelBySuzanneCompwooded lot. I wouldn’t call our setting a menagerie, but numerous squirrels and birds are active – let alone the nocturnal creatures that roam in our midst without our knowledge.

It was a dark Friday night in the fall as we were returning home from a high school football game. While driving on a less-travelled road, I saw a spinning rhombus-shaped object fly across the road in range of the car’s headlights. Not to appear silly, I did not say anything to my wife.

Five seconds later, the object again crossed our path in the opposite direction. This Time I said something to her, and she verified both events.

We safely arrived home, but still wondered what we saw. Later that week, our midweek weekly community paper reported other people seeing a similar object … but the story doesn’t stop there.

The following spring and summer were odd, as we did not see many squirrels – possibly none. Given the oak trees and the sunflower seeds we supply to our bird feeder, their absence was a conundrum.

In a seemingly unrelated event, after awaking from a night of sleep, my wife discovered a pair of tiny marks on her skin. Being a prolific reader and one who enjoys her share of science fiction, I predictably responded with a nod and an eye roll. Interestingly, the marks appeared several other times, and of course, she proclaimed alien probes.

On a sunny day later that summer, my wife summoned me to the yard to see her discovery … lo and behold my eyes fixated on a severed squirrel head. Not a head left from a mulling by a predator, but one with a very clean cut … and during the squirreless summer to boot!

Squirrels began to reappear. However, during the following summer, after seeing a squirrel carrying a dead or injured squirrel, my wife surmised the squirrel was returning the fellow warrior to the mother ship.

That was 15-20 years ago, and squirrel activity has been normal ever since. My wife has not discovered any more probe markings; we never saw another flying rhombus, another severed head, or any evidence of the mother ship – yet the events of that year remain a mystery.

Perhaps, the strangers migrated to Zannyro’s in northeast Indiana, which isn’t that far away from southwest Ohio. After all, do these feet look normal?

alien squirrel feet (1 of 1)

Special thanks to Zannyro (Suzanne Rogers) for the pics!