On Dolittle Monday

How was your weekend? Come on now, tell us something.

This weekend wasn’t our normal fare as we had family visiting; therefore no dance floor time for us. Saturday’s rain continues to keep us over the average for July and for the year. That’s OK because at least the weather wasn’t stifling! Plus, Sunday’s weather was one of those days I could take everyday.

If all goes as planned, Time: The Musical continues on the next post featuring song titles with Day, Days, or a weekday (Monday through Friday). Get your song titles and videos ready, and have a backup because no duplicates.

This week is has numerous celebratory opportunities. Monday is Lasagna Day and Tuesday is Chicken Wing Day and Paperback Book Day. Wednesday is Uncommon (Musical) Instruments Awareness Day, plus, White Lady in the Hood will welcome anyone willing to cheer the start of Fancy Rat and Mouse Week – so make a note to visit her on Wednesday for a celebratory greeting!

August starts on Thursday, which provides starts month-long culinary celebrations for celery, fennel, cactus, goat cheese, catfish, panini, orange, and papaya.

To jump-start your week, here are some funny talking animals – kind of the opposite of Dr. Dolittle. Have a good week!

63 thoughts on “On Dolittle Monday

    • John,
      Still rain? YUK! …. it at least you had a good day on a weekend for lunch outside. It’s been an unusual summer for many in North America! … I’m sure I will see you for the next post, which is Time: The Musical.


  1. I think I like this week already — especially Tuesday– reading and wings? Be still my heart.

    My weekend was fantastically quiet and slow.


  2. Overall nice weather this weekend. Had some fun outdoor time yesterday & today.
    Getting ready for bed & hoping to wake up in the morning 🙂
    Happy Day – Happy week to you!


  3. Well, Frank, we came home from vacation and our car’s transmission clunked out a half mile from home. Vacation was officially over. Oh well…on to Monday! I think I’ll like the culinary celebrations in August much more than Fancy Rat and Mouse week. Yikes! I look forward to your music theme this week…now if I can just figure out how to give you the link without embedding the youtube! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Welcome home … but a big YUK to the transmission issue. Here’s the key on not embedding. You’ve written your last sentence. Period, space, paste link …. thus NOT starting with an Enter (new line).


  4. Island hopping here Frank! We’ve awoken to rain this morning – makes a pleasant change!
    So many culinary treats in August, Finland joins the fun with a month of crayfish parties 🙂
    Enjoy the week ahead!


  5. I had a wonderful birthday weekend with lots of family, friends, good food and wine. I’m just about finished packing and leave for England tonight. 🙂 Have a great week, Frank.


  6. Our temps dropped a whopping 15 degrees overnight, but are due to rise again by the weekend. Yay! I love the heat as we don’t see much of it. This is a highly unusual summer for us, but I’ll take it.


  7. Hey, Frank. Thanks for visiting my posts. I, too, have enjoyed the marvelous weather. You can hear the corn growing on a quiet night.
    I have picked out a couple of songs. I will try to keep mine in a particular genre.
    The animal talk video got me to chuckling. I shared it on facebook. Nothing like some silliness to start the week.
    Gotta golf date with 2 buddies tomorrow PM. Making yogurt this morning.
    We went to a showing of ‘A Place at the Table’ in our local theater Sunday. Several advocacy and support groups sponsored it with a discussion after. The lack of a fair and decent food and nutrition policy, as well as a living wage, are criminal imho.
    OK…I am off my soapbox now. Thanks for the good start to Monday. Have an interesting day. That goes for everyone, too.


  8. Good morning Frank! It was a nice weekend here, a quiet rainy Saturday followed by a very nice dinner at my brother’s last night. Right now, packing and will be on the road this afternoon. Loved the video. 😀


  9. It was a good, but very busy weekend, Frank. We went to Denver for Cirque du Soleil on Friday, then to Boulder Saturday for a John Hiatt concert at the Boulder Chautauqua Center and then to an anniversary party last night. Whew! I need to go to work to get some rest! But it was all fun…


  10. The same guy that does Wallace and Grommit also did a talking animal thing.

    And why is there no recognition for the ordinary rats and mice, without whom the fancy ones would probably not be able to do anything???
    Going to have words with Whitelady about that…


  11. ~the start of Fancy Rat and Mouse Week ~ Oh. MY. (you are too funny with that one Frank!!!) and I loved the video – especially the giraffes! 🙂


  12. You’re wonderful, Frank. I love your crazy stuff 🙂

    I LOVED this!!! Alan! Alan! Alan… Steve! Steve! etc. That was just SO funny!! Can’t get over the giraffes 🙂

    OMG you’ve had me laugh ! xxxxxxx


  13. Steve….Steve….Steve won’t talk, but I will, though, as a fellow-blogger, I’m saving My weekend story for my next post. You dirty Rat, keep your friends away from WhiteLady. 😉


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