Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 191

On Politics
Congress has been in session this week, which means little-to-no good things to say.

Lauren Green’s (FOX News) interview with Reza Aslan is a good example of why I don’t watch FOX News. Watch for yourself.

Why Washington continues to ignore infrastructure is beyond any good reason.

The Onion recaps 25 years of Rush Limbaugh.

Gotta love the news headline Way Too Much Weiner.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Congress fiercely divided over completely blank bill that says and does nothing
Vatican quickly performs damage control on Pope’s tolerant remarks
“Congratulations” typed in Facebook Comment bar reconsidered, then deleted
Report: Ape neurology much like banana-obsessed humans
Tiny advisor who lived in president’s ear dead at 83

Interesting Reads
Countries that will replace China
Taking National Review’s science to the woodshed
Chicago’s Great Ferris Wheel (by Jim, a visitor here, so tell him I sent you)
Weekend habits of highly effective people (Thanks to Tim)
Interactive map for WW I’s western front
The cost of not following doctor’s orders
Verifying death

On Potpourri
July is gone, but we had a great month of gasoline savings as we saved $3.35 per gallon on 20 gallons, then $1.00 per gallon on 24 gallons, and $0.90 per gallon on 22 gallons – which is slightly over $100 savings.

August is upon us, so it starts with International Clown Week (1-7) – as if Le Clown needs reasons to celebrate.

Friday (Aug 2nd) is International Beer Day and India Pale Ale Day – as if TBM needs a day to go to the pub. Saturday is National Mustard Day, Watermelon Day, while Sunday is National Chocolate Chip Day. (Yes, another reason for Graeter’s!)

Saturday also celebrates Coast Guard Day, so here’s a salute to the men and women serving!


Thanks to participants in Time: The Musical – Act 5. Hopefully, Act 6 occurs in mid-August.

My wife and I recently received praise from each of our dental hygienists about improvement in our gums, which we and they say is due to using these picks.

I have planned a cartoon post for Saturday.

To send you into the weekend, let’s go full circle as I started it here last week and then featured them as open Act 5 … and I still don’t understand why they aren’t in the Rock and Hall of Fame – yet Boy George is. May this weekend fulfill your wildest dreams. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

61 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 191

  1. Moody Blues good. Politics, keep to myself lol, Love anything Onion, especially when “real” news picks it up. i think Huff-Po has done that a couple of times. I need to speak to Le Clown about Canadian world domination. Loved the WW1 map. Saving on fuel will be huge when we start sailing. I had august 2 circled on my calendar. I love the Musicals. I’m out of breath, bye.


  2. That Reza Aslan interview was incredible. He kept his composure and made the point well. “I am an academic”. She was so transparent in her attacks. I never watch FN. I don’t put bad stuff into my body or my mind. I do watch Rachel.


  3. Lauren Green’s (FOX News) interview with Reza Aslan is a good example of why I don’t watch FOX News. Watch for yourself. <— That was beyond horrible & painful to watch.


  4. Thanks for giving the heads up Frank, now I know how to celebrate my weekend. so its going to be Beer- Mustard- watermelon and finally ending it with chocolate chip.
    Hurrah 🙂
    wish you a lovely weekend 🙂


  5. Oh yes, the ‘Moody Blues’ are just great. I was studying in Birmingham when they burst on the pop scene. ‘Night in White Satin’ is my favourite song of theirs. I’m much too excited with the family goings on this weekend, to give even a fleeting thought to politics. Have a good one, Frank. 🙂


  6. Ever since I had to spend an inordinate amount of time lobbying to make 1985 (or was it 86?) the Oil Heat Centennial, I have had a fondness for the weirdness of those “Days.” (I was competing for attention with the folks who were lobbying for Mule Appreciation Day. I am happy to report we were both wildly successful) Thank you for letting me know about them!


  7. I would laugh about this one: Congress fiercely divided over completely blank bill that says and does nothing–but it’s so close to the truth that it’s scary.


  8. Funny, yes, but there will never be a blank bill that Congress fights over. Although, I get the point – Congress will fight over anything just to not agree with each other. And, wow. They get a break even though nothing has been accomplished? Amazing.


  9. So, today is International Beer Day? In Canada, that’s pretty much every day, but we shall celebrate nonetheless. AND will toast the Coast Guard in the process…a difficult job and important one. I have a friend in the Coast Guard. Cheers, Frank and have a good weekend!


  10. This is Restaurant Week in Houston where there are special meal deals at all sorts of places benefitting the Houston Food Bank. Worth eating out for.
    On another note. Dog TV started up Aug 1 and is s offering free previews this week…I’m taking bets this channel will be a big hit. Not just for dogs ( it’s all research based) but the programing is so pleasant and soothing it’s bound to become popular with humans trying to lower blood pressure, forget the mess the country is in and what passes for news these days.
    Moody Blues! Great start for the weekend – have a nice one!


    • Mouse,
      Houston’s Restaurant Week sounds wonderful and for a good cause. As for Dog TV, congrats on being the one bringing it to my attention … and yes, I foresee it being big hit. I imagine Molly will tune it while RC rolls her eyes before returning to the nap.


  11. I am really loving your Moody Blues offerings! And I had to make a stop over at the Onion for the Rush Limbaugh headlines. Spot on! I’m looking forward to the interesting reads, too! See you tomorrow with the cartoon! 🙂


  12. Thanks for the reminder of Garrison Keillor. My parents brought back cassette tapes from their first visit to the US many years ago and we played them on all long journeys. Our kids could join in. Lovely, beautiful stories and voice! 🙂
    Loved the Moody Blues too! 🙂


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