On a Dog-Talk Monday

How was your weekend? Did you have good weather?

Ours was busy and with a wide variety of enjoyments. Besides some time on the ballroom floor, We spent Saturday preparing to host our dinner group featuring recipes from The Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten). Through the years, we eat very well, and Saturday night was not an exception. Here’s our courses and recipes.

Sunday was such a beautiful day, we had to do something outside. We started at Goetta Fest along the river on the Kentucky side. (Goetta will be a future post of its own.)  We walked to the Ohio side and returned by a different bridge. Then we board the amphibious vehicle for the fun and informative Duck Tour.

On our way home, first we stopped at the casino to enter the upcoming Million Dollar drawing then, it was off to Graeter’s to celebrate Chocolate Chip Day!!!

Get your planners ready because this week’s celebrations are noteworthy. Let’s start with this week being International Assistance Dog Week, National Farmers Market Week, Intimate Apparel Week, and National Bargain Hunting Week.

Daily celebrations includes these worthy joys:  (Mon) Assistance Dogs, Oysters,  and Underwear; (Tues) Root Beer Float Day and National Night Out; (Wed) Lighthouse Day, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day, and Purple Heart Day; (Thurs) Dalek Day,  Happiness Happens Day, and Sneak some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night; (Fri) Kool-Aid Day, Indigenous People Day, and Art Day.

According to Philosopher Mouse, DogTV started this month. For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy this clip that Marina brought to my attention. Have a good week!

82 thoughts on “On a Dog-Talk Monday

    • Spiced,
      The menu was wonderful. The Shrimp and Orzo dish was light and tasty …. plus, we would make it again. It was the first time we ever oven-roasted shrimp. Dessert was my favorite dish of the evening.


  1. Good weather? It was absolutely gorgeous here in IA. Today was clear and 77˚. More coming this week.

    We enjoyed 4 days with both daughters and 7 grandkids Wed-Sat in L. Geneva, WI. http://www.lakegenevawi.com/ It was fun and tiring. A highlight was the hour and a half boat tour along the shore to see and hear the descriptions of the mansions, ice cream sundaes were included. Property goes for $15,000/ft. Too steep for me.

    You say this is intimate apparel week? I must tell my sweetheart.
    Thanks, Frank. Have an interesting week.


    • Jim,
      The temps-below-normal area covers a large swath, so hey – let’s enjoy it while while we have it! Sounds like you had a good getaway with family … and I imagine you and Melanie were leading the way in spoiling the grandkids!


  2. ‘Who’ was my weekend?? Really? That’s a rather personal question, don’t you think Frank? 😉

    Went down to Corpus Christi for the weekend with a friend (‘Who was my weekend’, indeed.) Had awesome weather and a fantastic time.

    Love the dog video!


  3. I adore that video – it is hilarious. Sounds like you had quite a packed weekend and what fun! Sounds like a big week ahead for all of us.


  4. i’m in tears laughing with that cute puppy dog! omg!!! i definitely have to share it sometime as well…i loved you weekend review. so full of life and activities. mine. nah, you would fall asleep. thanks for the great video. 😆


  5. Frank, thank you for starting my day with a true laugh. But the wheels are turning; I’m wondering if I can get Angel Eyes to star in a doggy video. All I have so far is her barking at Mitt Romney during a presidential debate 🙂

    Oh, and the the meal sounds utterly divine – yummmmm.


    • Lynn,
      You know Angel Eyes better than anyone, so prepare the script!

      The meal was very good … and that’s all the dishes. Dessert was my fav … and the entree (our course) was a pleasant surprise (Nope, we seldom practice) … but we will cook it again for ourselves as it is a good refrigerator dish.


  6. Love your menu, Frank! We love to cook, too. I’m intrigued by the Basil Green Goddess dressing. Sounds delicious! We had a nice weekend. Went to see a play on Friday and then stayed close to home the rest of the weekend. We did make a great dinner on Saturday night – Linguine with a grilled littleneck clam sauce – delicious!


    • Cathy,
      As I noted, this group eats well … and good wine, too! Amazing how the meal actually flowed together, and that is without planning as each couple had a course. Thanks for sharing your dinner. Because my wife doesn’t like it, no clam sauce in this house.


  7. Wow, you’ve been very busy, Frank!!! 🙂
    Re: video, an experienced[!] dog owner is very familiar with those expressions and the attention on a dog’s face when you say food words! In our house food words [eat – meat – egg – cook – lunch – chicken etc – very long list I can assure you!] are banned, unless it’s feeding time! 🙂
    Happy Monday and a brilliant new week!!


  8. We also had incredibly mild and beautiful weather, Frank. As one friend said, “we are going to pay for this weather” down the road! It can’t last. 🙂 We’ve had our granddaughters since Friday, and they aren’t going home until later today. It’s been an extremely busy weekend of another kind. I may need a nap later today. LOL! We are participating in National Night Out tomorrow. Hope you have a great week, Frank.


    • Hood,
      The Blondies were just that … YUMMY! All the dishes were good, but the Shrimp and Orzo dish was light and refreshing … thus good for summer … the type of dish you keep in the refrig.


  9. OMG–that video made me laugh out loud! Hard!

    Hope you’re doing well, Frank. Sounds like you had a good weekend, at least. Sorry to have been away. Been busy working on my memoir. Excuses, excuses! Right? I’ve missed you.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Hello Kathy … cheers to Equador! .. so I hope all is going well with you. Keep your head to the grindstone on the memoir project, so don’t worry about us … I’ll remain happy when you check in!!!


  10. Have heard about your …. barefoot countess before. Somebody else was talking themselves warm about her. You had a busy program during the weekend …. love the underwear day. Had friends in UK that was on Oyster Festival over the weekend to. The place to be during the Oyster Festival times is Galway, Ireland .. have that in mind .. for your travel.
    That dog video is just priceless … I seen it before, but it was lovely to watch it again and it gives me the same joy every time.


  11. We spent Sunday evening at Washington Park listening to music and watching Lumenocity. It was awesome. I hope to post a pic or video or two soon.

    I want to take the duck ride. Was it worth it?


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