On Satire Bits: Vol 68

Hooray! The humid air has left Cincinnati and we will have outstanding weather for a few days. Woo hoo!!!!

Wednesday is National Navajo Code-Talkers Day. For those that don’t know it’s a fascinating story, so click here for more information.

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, but a special thanks for my international readers for your patience. However, for your mid-week dose of satire, I searched The Onion’s vault for headlines about dinosaurs and related prehistoric humor. Any favorites?

Do you recall the Dinosaurs TV show by Muppet creator Jim Henson? As an extra bonus, I’ve added a short clip after the headlines. Enjoy!

Have a good rest of the week!

Fossilized evidence reveals Spazosourus was largest doofus to ever roam Earth

Five-year-old convinced dinosaur bones are buried in backyard

Report: Shopoholism may have killed the Shoposaurus

New triple-X dinosaur park opens in Nevada

Dinosaurs sadly extinct before the invention of bazooka

New evidence suggests dinosaurs died in Cretaceous Period hospice

Exxon paleontologists call for increase US fossil production

T-Rex ancestor was human-sized

Newly discovered fossils reveal prehistoric humans were bony

Archeologists discover world’s first guy named Marty

Early humans drank enough to invent dancing

Anthropologists trace human origins to one large goat

Trilobite reports evolution going great

Creationist museum acquires 5,000-year-old T-Rex skeleton … (Oops – that really happened)

43 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol 68

  1. When our son was small, he loved to say “DaDaDaDa”. I used to coach him to say “Mama”. He’d look at me with a gleam in his eye and laugh and say “DaDaDaDa”

    I am still recovering.


  2. T-Rex ancestor was human-sized! 😯 Now we know why they were not interested in ancestry.com’s
    fun bits 🙂
    Wish you a lovely week ahead, here it is going to be a long weekend, 15 august is independence day so many will extend the happiness to three days more..


  3. Glad to be reminded about Trilobites after so many years away from my high school biology class. Also glad that evolution is chugging along OK. Like National Geographic Magazine’s article said a year or so back, “Evolution? Why it’s all around us!”


  4. New triple-X dinosaur park opens in Nevada

    Buying tickets on my next trip!

    Those were really quite funny. I might know several people directly descended from the mysterious Shoposaurus!

    We had a monster storm late yesterday, took out entire sections of our fence and there are pieces of our roof in our yard. It was quite interesting. They are saying we will have a ‘cold snap’ now with temps in the 90’s for the next several days.


  5. Okay, Frank, these are all so good. I suppose my favorite, should I be forced to pick one, would be the one about dinosaurs being extinct before the invention of bazookas. What a hoot!

    Glad the weather has improved.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  6. The ‘perfect’ weather we’ve had lately is drifting over to your neighborhood. Enjoy. It won’t last forever.

    My imagination stirred at the thought of a xxx dinosaur park in NV. ???
    The bazooka headline made me flinch. That concept would be a reality TV show today like American Hoggers, etc.

    A few years ago, we drove through KY on our way to Louisville. We passed the Creationism museum. It was all I could do to keep my wheels on the road. We didn’t stop.

    Have another nice day. It’s on me. 🙂


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