On a New Thrill

Roller coasters are known for providing a thrill. For starters, here’s an interesting thrill that thrillseeker El Guapo should try.


Although debatable, many coaster enthusiasts would say Ohio leads the nation in great coasters. With Cedar Point to the north and Kings Island in the south, these parks offer quite the assortment.

We live close enough to Kings Island to hear the nightly fireworks. They tore down one coaster and just announced it’s replacement to open in April 2014.


It’s not my type of ride, but climb aboard for your inaugural ride on Banshee!

83 thoughts on “On a New Thrill

  1. Oh no. Which one did they year down? My older son and I were talking about KI. I also remember Coney Island, Moonlight Gardens and Sunlight Pool.

    I loved the Racer and the Beast. Yes, it has been a while since I was at KI. ;)

  2. You’re speaking oldest teen son’s language now. It used to be mine, too, and then, when I finally had kids old enough to enjoy the coasters, I no longer wanted to brave any but the tamest. Ah, the taint of mortality awareness…

  3. I had my eyes closed throughout this entire post, Frank. I do not understand why anyone goes on these things.

    But then I am a complete coward with a funky stomach. Oh, and a brain.

  4. Oh yes. That’s my next adventure! Thanks Frank for pointing me in a new direction. NOT!

    We’ve been to Cedar Point twice. It was quite the place. My brain stem hurt a lot after the days there. I don’t think my body could take it again.

    The guy in the video was brave and maybe crazy.

  5. If you ever come to the Pittsburgh area, Frank, you should go to Kennywood Park. It is a historical amusement park with lots of new rides, but one of its claims to fame is their multiple old-fashioned rollercoasters, as in wood tracks and chain pulls on the hills. RC aficionados make treks there all the time to ride them. I grew up riding those coasters and loving them; my husband wrote a suite of pieces to celebrate Kennywood, including The Racer, a double car roller coaster.

    Time for a trip to Kennywood!

  6. I got a little nauseous just watching the video, Frank! That guy on the blades had to be at least a little bit crazy. :-) I enjoy watching roller coasters from the ground–I love the screams of others! I know there are those who just can’t wait to ride these thrillers, and I sometimes wish I had a little more of that adventure gene…I clearly don’t!

  7. The last time I rode a roller coaster Frank was the Cyclone on Coney Island eleven years ago with a pretty insignificant other. My body has yet to fully recover. If I had to choose between being water boarded or riding on the Banshee, it would be a very tough choice.

    • Lame,
      Oh my …. that’s tough …. but I haven’t been on one in the same time period, maybe even longer after being destroyed by one. My motion sickness hasn’t been the same ever since!

  8. what craziness we search for to thrill ourselves beyond imagination…first video, a fine example. really? roller blade down the roller coaster? crazy…but i guess some people need the supercharge of adrenalin. wow! :)

  9. Question – Assuming (theoretically) you were free of motion sickness and having to pay greens fees or admission to the park, which would you (if forced) choose to do: (A) ride the Banshee, (B) play 18 holes of golf (riding or walking – your choice), from the Tips, under USGA rules (with no foursomes behind or in front of you), at Shaker Run Golf Course?

    • Tim,
      Given the choices and belief that one should play golf from the tees best suited to one’s ability to play the game, I take the Banshee …. after all, my place in line wouldn’t have minimal effect on those behind me.

  10. Completely cool! I’m a huge coaster fan, and the Banshee looks AMAZING! Especially amazing since I was able to enjoy it without spilling one drop of coffee! This said – rollerblading guy was kinda disappointing though….despite the announcer, using his best reality show voice no doubt, trying to big up the danger. ;)

  11. Really… just a minute and a half?? My only qualms about roller coasters… the wait/ride ratio is brutal. On another note, I could honestly not help but go, “Wheeeee!” while watching that video. I think being a parent to toddlers has gone to my head.

    • Twixt,
      Not many coaster enthusiasts visiting today, so the line here is short today! I know what you mean about the ratio of time in line to time on ride. Hey … see the video that Val put in her comment.

  12. If Carrie didn’t want to roll, I was willing to coast with her. Then you started talking about Graeters. I have GOT to get to Ohio, AFrankAngle, and Erickson – and a place I’ve researched and would love to love, but haven’t visited. Seems like Heaven is just across the lake. :)

  13. i can proudly say i have enjoyed the world’s steepest drop. kingda ka – great adventure, jackson, nj. also, reaching back to that dudley do-right post, i have ridden that “ripsaw falls” ride. it’s cool but breaks down often.

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