Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 193

On Politics
Several years ago, we stood in awe and applauded Egypt’s Arab Spring – but today we stand in shock, horror, and dismay. I recall writing in the past that the part of the Arab world’s transition was an unknown of the product – and that is remains true today.

This statement by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) is good: We (Republicans) have to get beyond being anti-Obama and we have to reconvince people that we can have hope in America. … People have to think you are serious about governing and have positive ideas.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) described many members of Congress having Dinosaur Syndrome – a condition of big hearts and a small brain. If someone does not think Sen. Paul is the smartest on Capitol Hill, just ask him.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Mom spends beach vacation assuming all household duties in closer proximity to ocean
  • Scientists create microscopic Mona Lisa
  • Expendable 3 cast to be paid in steroids, meat
  • Cat seemed perfectly content right up to moment he bolted from room
  • Unpaid internship a great experience for local company
  • Boy asks nation not to find his missing little brother

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
Friday (Aug. 16th) is the 36th anniversary of Elvis’s death. USA Today treats Elvis fans with this article: Imagine if Elvis Never Left the Building

Friday is National Airborne Day (Army paratroopers), Men’s Grooming Day, and the start of National Aviation Week. The weekend is loaded with celebrations as International Homeless Animals Day, Meaning of Is Day, and National Thrift Shop Day (all Saturday); and Sunday is Bad Poetry Day, Mail Order Catalog Day, Serendipity Day, and World Daffodil Day.

Although I don’t think it was good judgment for a parent to name her child Messiah, I don’t agree with the judge’s ruling that the mother must change the child’s name.

To me, losing pets is one of the tough moments in life. Elyse, we are sorry to hear the news about Cooper.

Get ready for the next rendition of Time: The Musical. Although I’m unsure of the exact day, the next theme features songs with Weekend, Saturday, Sunday, or their plural forms in the title. I’ll announce the day on the upcoming Monday Morning Entertainment post.

It’s not together yet, but I’m planning a Saturday Morning Cartoon post this weekend.

Given the day, it seems that Elvis sending you into the weekend to Las Vegas is appropriate. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

56 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 193

  1. Dear Frank,
    Thank you. Loss is never good, but it’s funny how difficult it is to get used to not tripping over a hairy beast…
    My favorite of your headlines is near and dear to my heart “Mom spends beach vacation assuming all household duties in closer proximity to ocean” — we have a vacation house where I do far more cleaning than I ever do at our real house. I AM room service!


  2. Sunday is bad poetry day, huh? I think I’ll have no problem coming up with something awful! Politics is frustrating. I’ve checked out since I’ve given up cable. Maybe that isn’t wise, but I sure feel more positive.


    • Lame,
      To be honest, I don’t track celebrity birthdays, so I didn’t know … but I’ve been seeing various articles about the Elvis anniversary, thus the video … Besides, it’s Elvis Week (and celebrations I do track). Meanwhile, there’s no question that Madonna has had a great career ….. and yes, I like her. Still think Evita was her greatest moment … but heck, I’ll start the day with a Celebration.


  3. Sympathies to Elyse.

    Elvis was a natural, always in his element. He seemed to have a good time always.

    The Onion headline about the cat leaving the room and Elvis not leaving were an odd juxtaposition. (an impressive word for this early in the day)

    So many troubles in the Arab World these days. I wish them the best. Democracy isn’t pretty. They have big obstacles to overcome in Egypt, Iraq, etc. I hope they can do it.


    • Jim,
      Yep – democracy isn’t easy, and transitioning to one is much more than a wave of the magic wand and wishful thinking. Meanwhile, good chuckle on the juxtaposition you mentioned!


  4. I wish the U.S. would have the guts to cut off military aid to Egypt. Send a message that democracy has nothing to do with killing off your opponents. We could do the right thing so easily, but we choose to practice “diplomacy.”


  5. Mom spends beach vacation perfectly content right up to moment she bolted from room

    What is happening in Egypt today is frightening and sad. What is even more frightening to me is the question, is this a precurser to our state of the Union.

    As much as I dislike the Newt, he is a smart man though he all to often hides his intellect under the covers of playing to a base of non-intellectuals. It is unfortunate he doesn’t simply rip the mask off and remind them what happened last time the GOP behaved in this manner.

    I loved all the reads you offered up!


  6. Though I never was an Elvis fan, I enjoyed the video Frank (and my mother would LOVE it!). And International Homeless Animals Day? Really? An entire day – aren’t we generous…



    • Beagz,
      The amount of money we spent on global politics is a lot. On the other hand, as a democracy, we still stand tall … well, at least for now … but I have problems with the elected and those doing the electing.


  7. And once again the average citizen who just wants to live in peace faces terror….we were talking about Egypt, right? Sadly their economy/ordinary person is suffering from the lack of tourism. Hope the cultural treasures and museums are secure, but doubt it.
    Many Latino/Hispanic boys are named Jesus ( not pronounced like English speakers do)and we have the Mohammed’s – but these children are named that as an honor and religious reasons – not named to sound nice with their siblings’ names. I’d have more respect for the judge had she said something about trying to make the kid’s life in school easier – but look at the names celebrities give kids. There’s a kid named Hitler, right? Come on parents – set your kids up for problems.
    Elvis. What can I say.
    Except – have a great weekend


  8. Thanks for your article on mining rare earth elements in the U.S. I remember just recently the media warning about the U.S. being in big trouble over China being the only source of Neodymium and Dysprosium Oxide, both critical to hybrid auto batteries.


  9. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want people to look for my brother, if he were missing, not quite.
    I remember a Hazel episode where Mr. Gottrocks corrected Hazel’s English usage three times in one gossip story, e.g. “little THIN God”, and she uncharacteristically shut up. It was a fun little series. 😀


  10. “Shock, horror, and dismay” is exactly right, Frank. What a tragedy is being played out in Egypt. 😦
    Love the Elvis clip. He was certainly a one-off. 🙂
    There’s just no telling with cats. Such inscrutable creatures. 😀


  11. I’ll simply add my appreciation to you for mentioning what a colossal mess Egypt is right now. Implications for the future are truly upsetting–I went for the word “terrifying” but I’m trying not to go there.
    I’m a little shocked at it being 36 years since Elvis died. How is that possible! I can at least say I saw him in Vegas before he died…he was a mess…walked off stage forgetting the lyrics multiple times, but at least I saw him? 🙂


  12. Thanks for the Elvis – I have been listening to him – when I do, I feel closer to my mom. She loved him So much i like to think she has a front row seat watching him……

    My condolences to Elyse.



  13. nice to know Saturday is for thrift shopping – guess that means a trip to the community store without any guilt. don’t ask but i never tire of watching Elvis or Liberace perform. such uber show men 🙂


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