On Not Taking No

Greetings. As Ohio has received great weather for the past week, fires continue to rage in the west,  and the southeast continues to be drenched. It’s been a strange summer for weather.

How was your weekend? Although we had two nights of dancing, the morning and afternoons were more about errands and preparing for an upcoming garage sale.  Well, we also were able to get in 9 holes of golf.

The week ahead is exciting because besides being Lightning Welk Week, Thursday marks the return of Time: The Musical. The new act features songs with weekend, Saturday, Sunday, or the plural forms in the title. So, get your videos ready!

Daily celebrations include the following:

  • (Mon) Aviation Day, Cupcake Day, and World Humanitarian Day
  • (Tues) Without special occasions, a reminder that August features National Goat Cheese Month, Neurosurgery Outreach Month, and What Will Be Your Legacy Month
  • (Wed) National Medical Dosimetrists Day, Poet’s Day, and Senior Citizens Day
  • (Thurs) Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day and Be An Angel Day

Friday I mentioned the passing of Elyse’s beloved Cooper, so let’s have a dog chuckle for your Monday Morning Entertainment. I imagine Cooper had a persistent streak, but I just can’t see Elyse letting him fall for this. Nonetheless, dog owners will enjoy this.

Have a good week!