On Not Taking No

Greetings. As Ohio has received great weather for the past week, fires continue to rage in the west,  and the southeast continues to be drenched. It’s been a strange summer for weather.

How was your weekend? Although we had two nights of dancing, the morning and afternoons were more about errands and preparing for an upcoming garage sale.  Well, we also were able to get in 9 holes of golf.

The week ahead is exciting because besides being Lightning Welk Week, Thursday marks the return of Time: The Musical. The new act features songs with weekend, Saturday, Sunday, or the plural forms in the title. So, get your videos ready!

Daily celebrations include the following:

  • (Mon) Aviation Day, Cupcake Day, and World Humanitarian Day
  • (Tues) Without special occasions, a reminder that August features National Goat Cheese Month, Neurosurgery Outreach Month, and What Will Be Your Legacy Month
  • (Wed) National Medical Dosimetrists Day, Poet’s Day, and Senior Citizens Day
  • (Thurs) Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day and Be An Angel Day

Friday I mentioned the passing of Elyse’s beloved Cooper, so let’s have a dog chuckle for your Monday Morning Entertainment. I imagine Cooper had a persistent streak, but I just can’t see Elyse letting him fall for this. Nonetheless, dog owners will enjoy this.

Have a good week!

69 thoughts on “On Not Taking No

  1. Frank, that was funny. I don’t recall Cooper ever interacting with a statue. Goliath? Oh yeah! Thanks! Glad you had such a nice weekend.

    And I love being ahead of the crowd on these musical interludes you have. Because I posted my weekend choice well in advance of your call. Damn, I’m good.


  2. so looking forward to cupcake day oh wait its today yupppiee 🙂
    weather has been playing games I think it has started mimicking the politicians here, which means pretty soon autumn and winter will fight it out on who gets more coverage, that should be fun.
    How come I never heard of Hoodlie Hoo day before, it is such an amazingly fun day, and what a way to chase away winter.
    wish you a lovely day ahead and Hoodlie hoo to all the worries and pains 🙂


    • Kimberly,
      Not to dampened your spirit, Hoodie Hoo Day for us in the northern hemisphere isn’t until February 20th …. and it requires no shopping. Meanwhile, enjoy the cupcakes and goat cheese.


  3. What a lovely dog… I enjoyed to watch this video… Thank you dear Frank, have a nice weekend (by the way last night I danced under the starry night in the village 🙂 no, no one danced except me! ) Love, nia


  4. The only thing that would have made the fetch-a-stick video better would be for the dog to pee on his leg at the end.

    I’m off to a platelet donation this morning at the university blood bank. And, Wednesday it will hit 90˚. First time in weeks. Of course, that is also the first day of school around here. It seems to always work that way. I’m glad I am retired and don’t need to be concerned.


  5. Goat Cheese Day, I can do that. Humanitarian Day, I can do that too. Be an Angel Day, no not so much.

    So glad your weekend was filled with fun. I need to emulate your days. Could you just send me your itinerary for a weekend and I will follow it, I think that sounds about right. I am certain I could substitute Dallas activities.


    • Val,
      I know you have an angel side … so you can do it!

      Meanwhile, I must say that this is the first-ever request for my weekend in advance … and I must say that I’m actually laughing … but will consider it.


  6. Oooh, Cupcake Day sounds great. We had a nice weekend with family visiting. Went for a long hike in the mountains, then a bike ride on the bike paths, through town. Nice, active weekend!


  7. This is hilarious – I especially giggled over the dog tossing a stick and trying to get the statue to toss it. (Molly spend time yesterday barking at a rumpled blanket on her new bed which is so far uneaten…also unused.)
    Thanks fora great start to the week


  8. The dog video gave me quite a chuckle! I finally made it to the Farmers Market this weekend! We had beautiful weather, too!


  9. Thanks for reminding me that today is “Aviation Day.” The Wright Brothers are among my all-time heroes for inventing the airplane. To achieve that feat they had to invent: (1) the mathematical formula required to build a wing that could produce “lift,” (2) the control theory and mechanisms required to produce “wing warping” (which led to the invention of ailerons and flaps), (3) the airplane propeller, which they heartbreakingly discovered (they almost gave up because of this) required totally different performance requirements compared to the propeller screw of a ship, and (4) the wind tunnel, which allowed the Wright Brothers to stay alive while they tested the machine at Huffman Prairie near Dayton, OH, which eventually led to a practical flying machine.


  10. Gotta love the dog! Very fun video. I hope you continue to have a good week, Frank. This is “major dental week” for Miss Debra. So I’ll just get through it, how’s that? LOL! And I will definitely look forward to your musical post. I enjoy them. I’ll have to get my thinking cap on…they’re becoming more challenging as you move forward! 🙂


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