On Satire Bits: Vol. 69

Heat and humidity are creeping back into my area, plus we (unlike the southeastern US) could use a little rain. Nonetheless, my golf game is improving. Congratulations to my wife as she and her golf partner won their league for the second consecutive year.

Reminder that the next post is Time: The Musical – Act 6 featuring song with weekends, Saturday, Sunday, (or the plural forms) in the title.

It’s time for your midweek dose of satire. Which is your favorite? For those desiring the extra challenge, develop a combo from the these headlines. My combo is at the end of the list.

Report: Economy one speech away from recovery

Pit of Komodo dragons shocked to discover billionaire who owns them is just 26

Fans flock to Lollapolooza to see all the biggest brands

Politician spots young female aide …. and so it begins

Baby can already tell crib he’s in going to be recalled

Annual 6-sentence conversation with cousin goes smoothly

Man has never given a definitive Yes to any invitation he’s ever received

FBI offering $1 million reward for information on cheetahs

Soulmate uses different dating website

After three days of solid training, man gets pet parrot to say Shazbot

My Combo: Parrot gets politician in crib to say “Shazbot”