On Time: The Musical – Act 6

The Story
Time – The Musical is an original A Frank Angle production featuring songs about time with each act featuring songs following a particular theme.

Time The MusicalProgram (Past posts)
Act 1: Time
Act 2: Specific Time
Act 3: Years
Act 4: Months
Act 5: Days and Weekdays

Act 6
Act 6 only features songs with Weekend, Saturday, or Sunday (or their plural forms) in the song title; but the challenge for attendees is no duplicates.

Production Note
It has come to my attention that past acts have crashed browsers. Please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line. The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video. But, I don’t mind unembedding. .

Ladies and gentlemen, to kickoff Act 6, a grand AFA welcome to a classic group doing a quirky song from their Night at the Opera album … Welcome, Queen with Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.

64 thoughts on “On Time: The Musical – Act 6

    • Guap,
      Well now … intriguing … Friday afternoon does kickoff the weekend …. thus Friday on My Mind is kind of a fit …. and you are the first to lead the lead the way (which may have been part of your plan) …. so are you going to return with a song with Weekend, Saturday, or Sunday?


  1. My offering for the musical is from Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night

    Do I break rules by not going with Youtube?

    My golf game was ON yesterday. The course is rather cramped as it sits right along I-80. The par is 34 as it has no par 5s on the front 9. I shot 37 with pars and 3 bogies. The course is terribly dried out in the fairways. Roll was excellent. Bounce was unpredictable. I got some really good breaks.


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