On the Dog Days of August

Welcome back! Sure hope you had a good weekend. What did you do?

Our weekend was abnormal. Between having a garage sale, family visiting from out-of-town, and errands meant no dancing for us. I also missed the Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha Festival, America’s largest beer and comedy festival.

Preparation for the garage sale threw me for a loop last week. After all, I forgot to alert you that this past weekend was a chance to celebrate Waffle Day, Whisky Sour Day, Go Topless Day, and Kiss & Makeup Day.

Never fear because here’s this week’s celebrations:

  • (Mon) National Dog Day, Women’s Equality Day
  • (Tues) The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day
  • (Wed) Radio Commercials Day, Race Your Mouse Around Icons Day
  • (Thurs) More Herbs Less Salt Day, According to Hoyle Day, National Scarcoidosis Awareness Day, and (for some reason) a second chance to celebrate National Whisky Sour Day

Because of its hot, dry, humid days, August is known as the dog days. Besides needing some rain, the heat and humidity will crank up for us this week. I hate that kind of weather!

In honor of National Dog Day, I think puppies are a good choice to start the week with a smile. Enjoy … and have a great week!