On Catch-Up Tuesday

Whew. This past 3-day weekend was full of racing around, so I need a breather … and this post will give me a chance to catch up.

Before I forget, Time: The Musical returns Thursday (Wednesday night in the US) with an act featuring songs with Hour(s) in the title. Get ready!

From ballroom to several gathering of friends to a family wedding to a Cincinnati tradition, our weekend kept us busy. Toss in my mother-in-law’s hospitalization, we decided to forego Monday activities for some relaxation time.

We had to cut short a pig roast to attend a Cincinnati tradition … a grand fireworks display synchronized to music down on the river. Because a half million spectators gather for this, we have not attended in many years – but hassle-free television doesn’t do the display justice. Last Tuesday (and completely out-of-the-blue) we received an invitation to attend a private party at a historic mansion on a hill not far from the river. Knowing this may be our only chance ever, we left the pig roast for the Wiedemann Hill Mansion. (Their website has nice pics.)

The restored home is not only beautiful, but he had a great view of the fireworks, and it was our first time view from the Kentucky side of the river, which has downtown Cincinnati as a backdrop. The pic below was taken from a short distance away from our viewing location. If you have a spare 30 minutes and enjoy fireworks, view the show here.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer, Photo by Amanda Davidson

From the Cincinnati Enquirer, Photo by Amanda Davidson

Meanwhile, the weekend also brought a new month, so month-long celebrations in September include Bourbon heritage, chili peppers & figs, happy cats, guide dogs, apples, potatoes, honey, eating chicken, coupons, mushrooms, prime beef, peas & radishes, papaya, whole grains, rice, pianos, ice cream sandwiches, food allergy awareness, California wine (as if I need a reason), and being kind to editors and writers.

This week’s daily celebrations include:

  • (Tues) Another Look-Unlimited Day, Skyscraper Day
  • (Wed) Beetle Bailey Day, Peter Rabbit Day, and Eat an Extra Dessert Day
  • (Thurs) Be Late for Something Day, Waffle House Day, Teacher Day in India

Because this feelings like a Monday Morning Entertainment post, let’s honor Piano Month with a clip from the great Victor Borge playing while wearing ugly pants. Enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some satire bits.

49 thoughts on “On Catch-Up Tuesday

  1. Anyone that can sport those pants has got to have a great sense of humor!
    Thanks for sharing that clip.

    Wow – talk about a full weekend!

    My best to your mother-in-law. Hope she gets better soon.

    Good night-


  2. Ah Victor. One of my favorites. Who would have thought that playing piano could be made into a comedy routine. He does it so well.

    Early tomorrow, we drive northeast to a small town for breakfast. Then, we go farther northeast to a state park known for its many caves. It has several miles of hiking trails. After that, we get lunch somewhere and head home. Then, likely a nap. The weather looks to be perfect.

    Did you know we have lost over 2 hours of daylight since June 21st? And, September is the 3rd fastest cooling month behind October and November.

    I need to head for bed. Early bird gets the worm, you know. Say good night, Dick. 🙂


    • Jots,
      LOL …. I enjoy watching and listening to piano duets. Two of the pianists at church occasionally do a piece, and with both of them being good players, gotta love them. Fortunately, they don’t wear ugly pants. Cheers to the two of you playing! …. and thanks for the best wishes regarding my MIL.


    • Audra,
      The fireworks are good. Nothing better than seeing them directly along the river, but this viewing spot was good. As I mentioned, if you get some space time, watching them on the link.


  3. Checking back over the meticulous records I’ve kept of your 3-day weekends, I’m officially declaring this Labor Day your all-time busiest. It also ranked high in the “most eclectic variety of activities” category.

    Thanks also for the heads-up on the return of “Time: The Musical/Hours” this Thursday.


  4. Brilliant clip, Frank. I forgive Victor the ugly pants.:) the other guy wasn’t half bad too. I’ll pass on the extra dessert and go to gym instead to do penance for last night’s dinner. 😦


  5. Loved the video, Frank; Victor Borge was always a favorite in my family. Music in comedy is close to my heart – only truly talented people can pull off such a complicated routine while doing justice to the music as well. This one gets bookmarked – marvelous! Thanks for sharing Frank, even after your uber busy weekend 🙂


  6. I always enjoyed Victor without having to learn Danish. I learned to eat Danish – but that’s another problem.
    That’s a beautiful manor-house on the Dixie side of the river. The view must have been stupendous. There’s a similar edifice on a hill above the lake in Toronto called Casa Loma, but I had to pay my way into it, without a royal invitation. You lucky dog. 🙂
    Having read one post about the bridge, and two about chili, this is my fifth of yours today. I’m playing catch up with your catch up post. One more to go before bed.


    • Archon,
      Learning to eat Danish is quite the accomplishment! …. and without going to Denmark makes it quite remarkable.

      I get saw some pics of Casa Loma – and WOW – that’s quite the caste. On the other hand, the place we were was a small mansion. Nonetheless, quite the place and probably the only time we will ever be there.

      What did you think of the chili?


      • Should we ever afford to trip that way again, I would definitely like to try it, perhaps as a Five-Way. The wife’s allergic to the cheese and still not sure of the spaghetti idea, but it’s growing on her, as I did, like mold. We did a side-wheeler tour of Charleston harbor. Maybe a stern-wheeler river ride would sharpen her appetite. If it happens, I’ll call ahead for burger recommendations. 😀


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