On Satire Bits: Vol. 70

A cool front pushed through our area, and the current temps and humidity are awesome. Needed rain didn’t happen, but wow … the current conditions are great for golf.

Reminder to readers that the next post is Time: The Musical featuring songs with hour(s) in the title. I hope you’re ready because curtain time is approaching.

On to the mid-week dose of satire. I created the headlines below about bloggers. Do you know any of these people? Submit your guesses in the comments, and then I’ll enter the answers later.

Shiner Bock Calms Local Woman’s Rage

Medical Professional Advises Self by Asking Outer Introvert to Seek Inner Extrovert’s Guidance

Local Blogger Tells City Council that Building Picture-Based Haiku Hall of Fame would Draw Tourists to the Mountains

Writer Releases How to Influence People and Friends at Work based on actual life

Wombies Turn on Creator

Neighbors Seek Help for Blogger Proclaiming, It’s Never Too Hot in Texas

Crane Used to Move DC Area Woman’s Jewelry Box

Blogger Changes Real Name to P Diddy Pun Monster

Royal Cat Refers to Owner as Food-Providing Plebe

Photographer’s Presence Calms Wild Hippo

78 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 70

  1. I got Alex, Carrie, Fraz (at Wombania), possibly Elyse and maybe Shouts Abyss and Zannyro.
    (I’m betting I’m going to get in trouble for getting some wrong and missing some!)

  2. Satire or not …. today Sweden is all geared up for yours Mr President. Only thing on TV just now. I think he has landed … I hope the Swedes tells him a thing or two about Syria. *smile
    Have to read that Royal cat thing now. *smile

    • Viveka,
      I saw a report of him leaving the plane. Weather looks great … thus much better than the rain I encounter Sept 1st last year.

      Meanwhile … hooray for Henrik’s recent win! … Now I have to visit Royal Cat’s home to see if you are there.

      • Frank, I couldn’t find the article about the Royal Cat … so I have been there, When try to find the article I only landed on your post .. maybe you have the Royal Cat. ???? *smile

  3. I can’t come up with a single name, but the headlines are hilarious! I hope I’m reading some of these blogs, but if I’m not, I’m looking forward to finding out who they are!

  4. We all got Carrie, I only know a couple of other Texas bloggers besides me and I don’t remember if they read you or not. My brain is not firing today, so I am stumped.

    I do like your personal satire bits though.

  5. Oh, my, I’m late to the party. Guess that introvert one smacks of me, no? It’s SO much easier being extroverted online. Must be that whole lack-of-eye-contact and no-small-talk thing…

    I’m having trouble coming up with the others. I wondered about Le Clown for the influencing people, but I’m not sure if you two have crossed paths. And maybe Philosopher Mouse for the Texas one? Very clever idea. I look forward to seeing the answers. Thanks for including me in the fun!

  6. Frank you are so clever (it’s got to be you hobby that rings so many bells)
    One of the best blog games ever….seems like there should be an “award” for that. (RC is just so thrilled, she’s over looked the ordinary breakfast – so thanks!)

  7. SO glad the weather has cooled off for you all. Over the weekend, my mom said it was pretty hot in Lexington.

    About these bloggers–I don’t think I know ANYONE! I’m not good at these things.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Kathy,
      Because our paths cross, odds are good you know one … then again, check back in a few hours to see the answers … which I will list as a comment and link on the headlines.

    • RoSy,
      The Wombies community is a big one, thus probably a bad headline …. but I was referring to someone in India. As far as P Diddy Pun Monster …. it’s fitting … and he has identified himself … answers to come.

  8. Great game, Frank! Thanks so much for including me. Just got back from Moab, so I’m late, but what a fun thing. I think Carrie was the easiest! I think you’re on to something here!

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