Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 196

On Politics
The decision of the potential bombing of Syria seems like a damn if you do – damn if you don’t proposition.

I have never heard of Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) until Wednesday while I was watching the House Hearings regarding Syria. Congratulations Rep. Duncan for demonstrating that you are clearly a partisan ass.

I recently saw this bumper sticker: God is NOT Government. My response: Who says it is? Jeff Duncan?

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Nation annoyed about spending long weekend away from work
FAA installs 36,000 foot air-traffic light
Local dad tells child “Tech is the future”
Majority of Americans favor sending Congress to Syria
Jellyfish falls short of dream to kill Diana Nyad
Royal baby already making new friends

Interesting Reads
String music
Infographic about minimum wages around the world
Psychology and Bidding on the Price is Right
The US Power Grid and Green Power
Faith and Doubt

On Potpourri
Friday is Iguana Awareness Day. Did you know that male iguanas are bulls and females are cows?

Other celebrations for this weekend include

  • (Fri) Great Egg Toss Day, Do It Today (I’ll celebrate Sunday), Lazy Mom’s Day,
  • (Sat) Feel the Love Day, Fathers’ Day (in Australia), Salami Day, Neither Rain nor Snow Day,
  • (Sun) Date Nut Bread Day, Fight Procrastination Day (I celebrated Friday), Hug Your Hound Day, Drive Your Studebaker Day, and Grandparents’ Day

Time: The Musical – Act 7 faced turbulence. Although the special prosecutor (asked for by the critical left) is now on the case, but has not filed the final report, I’m getting information for an undisclosed source. YUK!

My college football teams got off to a good start last weekend with impressive wins. With big games again this weekend, Go Bearcats, Beat Illinois – Go Falcons, Beat Kent.

As Dancing with the Stars announced their cast, I say “Ho hum” … but I’ll watch, although I sense the end is near – but we did see comedian Bill Engvall’s funny act many years ago.

I will be starting my fall break from blogging very soon, so I will be fading away from regular posting for a few weeks. But, I won’t be totally absent.

Saturday will feature an archival selection of Saturday Morning Cartoons..

Being that September is piano month, here’s some interesting entertainment to send you into the weekend. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.