Flashbacks: On Food and Recipes

Whether eating in a restaurant, a special dinner at home, getting that special treat, or time in the kitchen, we enjoy many aspects of a meal. Here are some selections for my archival vault that may capture your interest. Enjoy, visit as many as you wish, and hopefully you will comment on the post you visited. Are you going to make any of these?

15 thoughts on “Flashbacks: On Food and Recipes

  1. My husband is from Ohio and has made Cincinnati style chili several times for me. I like it! Very different from our Texas style chili. I might have to try the Argentine chili for comparison. Thanks for sharing your recipes!


  2. These are great recipes, Frank. I must give the Argentine chili a try! It sounds wonderful to me. I remembered the Cincinnati Spaghetti recipe…that’s so unusual to me, but I must admit it sounds really delicious. I need to give that a try before long! 🙂


  3. correct me if i am wrong, but cincinnati’s nickname is “the queen’s city.” is that what it actually translates to? if so, in what language? a native american one?

    of course i could google this, but it’s more fun to ask you.


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