Flashbacks: About Me

By having this blog for over five years, I’ve disclosed more than a few things about myself. Enjoy these flashbacks, visit as many as you want, and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

9 thoughts on “Flashbacks: About Me

  1. Congrats on being a photo star. Not everyone gets to be on the cover.

    Small town rivalry can be super intense. Our high school conference was made up of small towns. The bitterness and intensity was palpable between the students and athletes. But, it was sometimes worse among the ‘adults’. And, to make matters worse, it doesn’t die out with time. It stays and festers, gets passed to the next generation. It is the source of a lot of stupid behavior.


  2. I really enjoy reading past posts, Frank. You’ve organized them very nicely. I just read the three posts connected to your sharing at your mother’s funeral, Frank. What powerful words under such really difficult circumstances. I’m glad to have read it.


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