Flashbacks: On Science

I have a science background, but I pride myself in having understandable explanations. At least one of these will enlighten you. Enjoy, and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

6 thoughts on “Flashbacks: On Science

  1. Good evening, Frank. Enjoyed the posts. I have a few comments.
    • That Einstein question was answered several months later. It was a bad cable giving the faster than light results. I’m glad Al is still top dog.
    • The auto-tune video was interesting. I thought Sagan looked rather ill. Too bad we lost him.
    • The water density demo was good. It would be a good one to do with kids. Ask them what will happen before doing it. Explain themselves.

    Thanks for the stuff tonight. I hope you are enjoying your break.


  2. I think if you’d been my science teacher I’d have been a lot better off! Seriously! I enjoy science topics and discussion…but my educational background in science isn’t very notable! I will enjoy reading these links. What a good idea to mass them together. Hope you’re enjoying your “break,” Frank. 🙂


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