Flashbacks: On Ballroom

Watching Dancing with the Stars got us into ballroom dancing. It’s been fun and challenging. Below are some past posts that you may not know about ballroom. Enjoy, visit as many as you want, and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

23 thoughts on “Flashbacks: On Ballroom

  1. Alas, my husband has zero interest in dancing; I tried to get him to sign up for salsa lessons but to no avail. This guitar player insists all of his rhythm is in his hands, not his feet 🙂 I applaud you and your wife, Frank, for your continued interest in dancing together – a wonderful thing!


  2. I’ll enjoy the readings you’ve offered, Frank. I enjoy ballroom, although I must admit it isn’t a part of our regular routine. I am sitting here right now waiting for DWTS to begin. I’m not too interested in many of the celebrities, but I will enjoy it, I’m sure. 🙂


  3. As former ballroom dance students, my wife and I can enthusiastically vouch for all eight of the benefits you listed, along with the cautions.
    We started taking ballroom dancing lessons together for different reasons. I had played for some years with the “Fleeting Moments Waltz and Quickstep Orchestra,” which accompanies the ballroom dancing of the “Flying Cloud Academy Of Vintage Dance,” here in Cincinnati. I wanted to learn how to dance to Strauss Waltzes. My wife, who’s a good dancer, just wanted to dance. We both enjoyed the experience greatly and are now avid fans of the Cincinnati Ballet.


  4. Dance lessons: 2 of the 3 classes we’ve tried demand that you change partners regularly. I don’t want to change partners. I want to dance with Jim. It does me no good to learn to dance with other people. I will not. Likely there are other programs around that don’t require that. Maybe we should look more closely.


  5. While flipping thru teevee channels, we landed on the RFDTV network. It was a live broadcast of a polka dance party from somewhere in North or South Dakota. The band was made up of teenaged kids. They were good. The dance floor was crowded with couples bouncing to all manner of polka dance moves. Very few of the couples were young. There were some very old looking ones. The dancing keeps them fit and young.

    It wasn’t ballroom. 🙂


  6. Goodness, Frank. I love dancing. I think the show concept is a good one. However, my Sara becomes obsessed with the show and tries to make me watch with her–even the reruns. So, as much as I hate to say it, I’m glad to be out of the US for the new season.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  7. I had an extra minute, so came back to find out about you and ballroom. Bravo!! I love to watch the dancers, and the movie “Shall We Dance?” was marvelous. And now I’ve forgotten my other thought–so I’ll be back when I retrieve it!


    • Ponder,
      Yep .. .my wife and I enjoy ballroom dance .. but we don’t compete or perform … just dance at gatherings. But we try to dance every weekend. On this post, checkout the one about dancing and Down syndrome.


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