Flashbacks: On Education

I spent many years as a teacher, and I pride myself on being reformed minded and a contrarian . Enjoy these perspectives from my Flashbacks … and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

5 thoughts on “Flashbacks: On Education

  1. Those were interesting posts. Nice work with Bette. Not everyone expresses themselves with the same tools.

    We take advantage of the Osher Institutes here at the U of IA. It is a good program. There is another group like that which is university run for seniors. Melanie and I might be teaching for it in the spring.

    School reform is a difficult thing. I heard it likened to turning a barge loaded with grain. It takes slow and steady force to be able to see even the smallest change. Otherwise, it just keeps moving the way it has been.

    Creationism…don’t get me started at this late hour. It isn’t science. It has no place in our classrooms. Study it all you want in your church or private life. Keep it out of school.


  2. Read the post on Education reform–being a life long educator, I agree that the K-12 is in desperate need of new thinking. The main problem, as I see it, is that far too many of the decision makers are not educators and really do not understand education. They also claim to want to make “data driven decisions” but they tend to reach for the lowest form of data (standardized tests) upon which to base their decisions. Last, one of the comments brought up the old yarn about the bell curve and how there needs to be winners and losers. While I agree that there might be far too much hand-holding going on, I think we need to start with a goal in mind and that starts with what does it mean to be “educated”? I would guess that few would answer that question with “Learning the harsh realities of life.”


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