Flashbacks: On Grandness Around Us

Earth and the universe provide countless wonders. I uncovered flashbacks so you can enjoy some of the grandness around us. Enjoy, visit as many as you want, and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

7 thoughts on “Flashbacks: On Grandness Around Us

  1. Frank, these are among my very favorite of your posts! I’ve seen all but the Enjoy Hubble. As you know, I’m a musician with a serious interest in math and physics and how they play out in the world and in art. Ah, this is just food for my soul 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of some great posts!


  2. And a hearty good Sunday evening to you, kind sir! I have missed your exercising of my cerebrum…. or cerebellum …. or whatever part of my hollow head you kick-start into life. See ya around soon – if my Inbox doesn’t collapse onto me and kill me first! 😉 😀


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