Flashbacks: On Perspectives

To close this series, below are a few perspectives that you may enjoy. Visit as many as you want, and I hope you comment on the post you visited.

3 thoughts on “Flashbacks: On Perspectives

  1. The Media and Bias, excellent; voice and cadence good points.
    A Glorious Creation, as I always do I appreciated your views on this one.
    Humility, loved this one! Loved the quotes, all of them.
    Time, I loved this one the first time and loved it this time also.
    Human Culture, I think about this one and the fight on immigration today.
    Our Place in the Cosmos,your perspective always enlightens me.
    A Special Place, reading this now after your visit to your roots was poignant
    On a Speck, another I loved the first time and still love. What a wonderful perspective.


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