On an October Return

Greetings everyone! Yep, I’m back to being live.

Special thanks to all who visited and commented on the flashbacks during my blog break. It’s probably too ambitious, but I would love to respond to all the comments. Of course, I must also get back to visiting your fabulous blogs.

A new month upon us means new celebrations. Month-long gastrointestinal celebrations for October include American cheese, apples, country ham, caramel, popcorn, pears, pineapples, pizza, rhizomes, persimmons, sausage, spinach, chili, cookies, pork, pretzels, pasta, and seafood.

Other celebrations for the entire month include squirrel awareness, dwarfism awareness, toilet tank repair, roller skating, liver awareness, Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, German-Americans, feral hogs, and caffeine addiction recovery.

Just so you know, this is Get Organized Week and Pickled Peppers Week. Daily observances included

  • (Tues) Vegetarian Day
  • (Wed) Name Your Car Day, Balloons Around the World Day, Farm Animals Day
  • (Thurs) Butterfly Day, Techies Day

Here’s an animal treat for a belated-started to the week.

49 thoughts on “On an October Return

  1. You know, for being the gearhead I am, I’ve only had two named cars – and drive neither one of them. Tamy’s Pinto, when I met her, was called “Puddles”, as he tended to leak … well, pretty much EVERYTHING. The white Cavalier my wife currently drives, I named “Grace” after my friend, Grace Lee Whitney, who was wearing white the last time I saw her, and since she was to be the parts car to “save a wretch like” my poor abused Z. She has moved into the primary car position, overcoming much – just like Grace. πŸ™‚
    Good to have you back, buddy – and good to be back!


  2. Welcome back, Frank! Every day is squirrel awareness day with me. As I watched that video, I was thinking, “You see one animal jump on a trampoline and you’ve pretty much seen them all,” but I wasn’t expecting to see a buffalo.


  3. Thank goodness you’re back! Your Voice Of Moderation is much needed as we awaken this morning to a shut down U.S. Government, while looking ahead to the even more frightening economic carnage that would be wrought by a U.S. default on its debt.


  4. Then there’s the cat who thinks he can still bathe himself despite the opportunity and excitement, and of course the teenager checking his phone. The dogs, goats and buffalo have my vote for seizing the moment.


  5. Hooray, you’re back! Great to see you in my inbox this morning. I had to laugh at “Squirrel Awareness” Week–I think it was week, as opposed to day. Goodness, that cracked me up!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  6. You were missed, Frank! Welcome back!
    October, one of my favourite months of the year. Great for new beginnings, harvest festivals, and a slight chill in the air down here. I’ll be sure to check the toilet for repairs on the new house… since it is THE gastro-celebration month, too! πŸ˜€


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