On Satire Bits: Vol. 71

Returning from blogging break is always a bit frantic. At least I know that I can’t read all the posts I missed, but I do want to reconnect!

Tonight was the last night of my golf league, but our team let an opportunity get away for first place. Oh well, because we didn’t play well, we didn’t deserve it.

It’s time for a midweek boost of satire from The Onion. For that extra challenge, feel free to make your own combo headline from the headlines below. Mine is at the end.

Have a good rest of the week!

Area panties in a bunch

Sorority raises money at local stable with bikini horse wash

Stuffed rabbit decided to make a life in restaurant booth where it was left

Local yak makes plea for greater understanding between sexes

Pierced tongue fails to make local woman less boring

Cat prepares for anal display in owner’s face

Masochist dog enjoys being walked around on leash while naked

New poll finds majority of Americans thought we’d live inside computers by now

Purchase of jeans ushers man into exclusive, ultra-cool subculture of jean-wearing Americans

Winning lottery numbers obvious in hindsight

My combo: Local yak wearing sorority panties and leash prepares for ultra-cool display to boring naked owner