On North American Europe

I imagine a few long-time readers where wondering my whereabouts during my blogging break – so, here’s the scoop.

Quebec City may be the only city in North America that has a strong European ambiance. French is the main language. People look French and dress in European style – and the city has a distinct European presence in its architecture. Have you ever been there? For us, it was worth a second trip!

With its lower town along the waters of the St. Lawrence River, the walled upper town sitting on the bluffs, then to the modern city outside the wall, Quebec City is extraordinarily charming. History, art, boutiques, cafés, and more await visitors …. and walkers are in for a wonderful treat. We walked many miles, so here are a few pics. Enjoy, and do you have any favorites?

Chateau Frontenac (a Fairmont hotel) appears as a crown as it sits high atop the bluffs



The boardwalk leads visitors toward the Citadel and the Plains of Abraham



Lower Town is bustling with tourists and old buildings



Two Lower Town murals




Outside the wall, walking Rue St. Jean gave us a wonderful street for the locals which enters the old city gate

We enjoyed the fountain near the train station


The lit crown of Chateau Frontenac … Good night


Our vacations continues here.