Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 197

On Politics
Interesting that Tuesday’s government shutdown coincided with Yosemite National Park’s 123rd anniversary.

As the shutdown neared and ever since, it is interesting to see politicians dodge answering questions more than usual.

A reminder to Congress: Whenever pointing a finger at someone, three are pointing at you.

I wonder if federal workers in Tea Party districts are standing with their representative?

I continue to say the shutdown is a battle between Republicans.

Republicans are offering Democrats an interesting choice: Defund health care or fund everything else.

“If this health care law is forced upon this country, the young men and women in this audience are the ones who are really going to pay the price, and that, I will suggest to you, reaches to the point of being a felony toward them and their future. That is a criminal act, from my perspective, to put that type of burden on them, to mortgage their future like that. America cannot stand that. America cannot accept that.” – Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)

From http://dictionary.law.comfelony“1) a crime sufficiently serious to be punishable by death or a term in state or federal prison, as distinguished from a misdemeanor which is only punishable by confinement to county or local jail and/or a fine. 2) A crime carrying a minimum term of one year or more in state prison, since a year or less can be served in county jail. However, a sentence upon conviction for a felony may sometimes be less than one year at the discretion of the judge and within limits set by statute. Felonies are sometimes referred to as “high crimes” as described in the U.S. Constitution.”

“America was designed by geniuses so it could be run by idiots.” —Anonymous

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
US Government of the verge of full-scale government hoedown
Company more like family whose members are desperate to join better family
Student reporter hits it out of the park with five accurate sentences
Fantasized argument getting pretty intense
Disgusting shower liner has another three years left in it

Interesting Reads
A book review about Woodrow Wilson
Congress, border sheriffs, and immigration bills
Actual science controversies
From Nicholas Kristof (NY Times) on the shutdown
Madame Weebs takes a bite out of Congress (language alert)
The Onion explains how health insurance exchanges work 

On Potpourri
Ever wonder what tacos, smiles, flutes, noodles, balloons, vodka, and cinnamon rolls have in common?

Did you know that Julius, Leonard, Arthur, Milton, and Herbert were known as Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Gummo, and Zeppo?

For me, baseball season is officially over.

I saw this and immediately thought of El Guapo.

While in Quebec City, it was interesting to observe reactions when I asked locals about Le Clown. Some bowed, while others brought food, drink, and gifts. Some screamed as they ran away in terror while others simply laughed. smirked, and muttered “Le Clown” and something in French. (They must be the anarchists.)

Reasons to celebrate this weekend

  • (Weekend) Storytelling Weekend, Fallen Firefighters Weekend
  • (Friday) Improve Your Office Day, Taco Day, Ten-Four Day, Vodka Day, World Animal Day, Smile Day, Lee’s Denim Day, Cinnamon Roll Day, Balloons Around the World Day, Toot Your Own Flute Day
  • (Saturday) Card Making Day, Cephalopod Awareness Day, Smile Day, Do Something Nice Day, Apple  Betty Day
  • (Sunday) Change a Light Day, Mad Hatter Day, Diversity Day, Noodle Day

Catching up has been difficult, so if I can get it together, a Saturday morning cartoon feature returns on the next post.

To send you into the weekend, here’s a jazzy song from a rock band during my 70s college days. Enjoy Blue Collar by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

49 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 197

  1. Quite a contrast between Harpo and BTO. I did like the double back flip guy. I can imagine me on that contraption. Bam bam splash gurgle gurgle bam!

    To finish out the Marx Brothers theme, here is one a friend put on Facebook today. I thought it was perfect in consideration of this week’s news. By the way, it was filmed during a recent GOP caucus meeting.


  2. Yep Frank .. kinda at a loss when it comes to your government and this shutdown… sounds like it needs a major overhaul… what with all the workers out on unpaid leave and the cause of the shutdown still getting their pay… sounds to me like a strike where the workers get no pay and the union bosses still get theirs…


  3. I’m appalled by the shutdown and have friends who aren’t getting paid and members of Congress are. If they were decent they would refuse their paychecks. But they are politicians–hands out for their money while they say they are doing what’s best for everyone. Really?


  4. I really don’t understand American politics. 😯 Have a good weekend, Frank, and thanks for the morning entertainment. I loved BTO, back in the day, and it was great to hear them again. 🙂


  5. Happy to have you back, Frank. There’s no escaping the disgusting news from Capitol Hill, tho, eh? Such desperation in play just to harm a sitting President. I marvel at the despicable behavior I’m seeing.


    • SDS,
      As a whole, I’m not very happy with any of them, but I’m disgusted with the fact that it’s all a game – especially at the expense of people who need the job! Thanks for stopping by … and I’m still trying to catch up with visits!


    • Guapo,
      This climate is more like the presidential debates —- that is, journalists ask good questions and politicians use the mic to say whatever they want.

      Meanwhile, I’m sure you will become the master of the double flip!


  6. The gov shutdown is pretty pathetic. The ones who caused this mess should be the ones not getting paid. The superiority sore loser childish bit needs to stop. Ok – I’m done ranting…for now 😉
    Lots to celebrate this weekend. Thanks for sharing reasons to celebrate!
    Happy Friday – Happy Weekend 🙂


  7. I love BTO. Cool! The irony, and frustration, of the government shutdown and Yosemite’s anniversary and closures is more than upsetting to me. Add it to the list of important places that are affected, but with the recent fires in the Yosemite area the small businesses have been tremendously hard hit and many may not recover from such a reduced tourist season. And now this? I will enjoy reading many of these links. I am interested in seeing if the Onion can enlighten me to the particulars with new health insurance particulars. Sorry about the baseball season coming to a close. My household is still excited…I personally will be just as happy when it’s over. 🙂


  8. I think one of the words you regularly heard connected with Le Clown was “merde”. Go ahead – ask him what it means. 😉
    Wow – balloons with your cinnamon rolls and vodka? Sounds like a party to remember – unless you REALLY enjoy yourself. 😀
    Happy Weekend!


    • Moe,
      I have maintained for some time that the admin and Congress have done an inadequate job explaining the AFA.

      Regarding these Shorts, sometimes I keep little notes as reminders. For the reads, I have some go-to sources, plus whatever I stumble across.


  9. Love the mix of articles Frank, especially loved Actual Science. As to the rest, I just don’t know anymore. Then, I don’t know that any of us do. We seem to be in this big deep hole.

    So nice to have you back.


  10. Frank,
    Little known fact: I was actually born in Quebecv City, in a borough called Charlesbourg. My heart belonged to the Nordiques before they became the Avalanche. And indeed, you and I probably walked on the same sidewalks. I probably tripped on a few more than you, however,. before passing out.
    Le Clown


  11. gummo doesn’t count. nor does shemp. shemp counts more than gummo, even though he doesn’t count at all. that means gummo is a negative. and horse feathers is the best marx bros. movie. been watching those guys since i was about 10. in the new york area, every sunday morning had an abbott and costello movie from 10:30 to 12. then “the bowery boys” from 12 to 1. then the sunday afternoon movie, which we prayed was the marx bros but was more often not. then my father sprung open his wallet just enough to subscribe to the “tv guide,” and then we had ample warning of which movie was coming.

    few people have ever seen the marx bros. film “the big store.” have you seen it?


    • Rich,
      This is the first Gummo-Shemp analogy I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen The Big Store … well, at least knowingly … not sure I’ve heard of it. Heather Feathers is a classic! … but I wasn’t a Bowrey Boys fan.


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