On a Cartoon Cephalopod

Happy Cephalopod Day!

Squiddly Diddly isn’t an icon, but given today is Cephalopod Day, he is getting some love

Called a squid but looks like an octopus

Squids have 10 tentacles, octopus have eight, but Squidly had six legs – four for walking, two others like arms

Lives in an aquatic park called Bubbleland

The bossy antagonist was Bubbleland Administrator Chief Winchley (voice was done by John Stephenson)

Squiddly continually tried to escape so he could use his musical talents to pursue a show business career

Can simultaneously playing a saxophone, a guitar and a set of bongo drums

A short clip of Squiddly encountering the Queen of Hearts

Created by Hanna Barbera

Seen as a segments on the Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show

Two seasons, 26 episodes (20 the first, six the second)

First episode: Way Out Squiddly; October 2, 1965

Last episode: Baby Squidder; October 15, 1966

Squidly is voiced by Paul Frees

Known in other languages as Lula Lelé (Brazilian Portuguese), El Pulpo Manotas (Spanish), Squiddly la pieuvre ((French), Inky de inktvis (Dutch), Squiddly Diddly (Italian), Squiddly Diddly (German), Tako no Roku chan (Japanese)

Had an LP, Squiddly Diddly’s Surfin’ Surfari (Hanna Barbera Records, 1966)

Squidly appeared in Yogi’s Treasure Hunt, Yo Yogi!, and a MetLife commercial
Enjoy this tribute to Squidly Didley to Octopuss’s Garden, written by Ringo Starr, performed by The Beatles, and released on Abbey Road (1969)

36 thoughts on “On a Cartoon Cephalopod

  1. Oh, this one’s an old fave, packed together with Secret Squirrel and Atom Ant on the Banana Splits Show! Good stuff, indeed – they used to play the Splits on one of the classic cartoon channels, but not for a while now. “Tra-la-la, La-la-la-la”. Oh, wonderful, now I’m gonna have that theme running through my head for a week. Thanks a lot, pal! :p 😉


  2. I completely forgot about this character, Frank. Literally he was blocked out of my brain for 47 years. But like a bad fish smell, you brought him back to the forefront of my thoughts! Now that I am thinking about him, in the second clip where he’s carrying on with the Queen of Hearts (what a contrast in animation styles there — what was that about?) his voice reminded me of Pee Wee Herman’s, so maybe he influenced Paul Reubens’ character?


    • Lame,
      I didn’t see any reference to Pee Wee. However, the Chief’s voice was Mr Slate on the Flintstones. Meanwhile, sorry to bring up a painful memory … but after all, it’s Cephalopod Day.


  3. Frank, what a wonderful little character – will have a different look out when I order squid next time *smile – this is a new acquaintance for me. Thank you so much.


  4. In the cartoon Squiddly’s sometimes referred to as an octopus & sometimes as a squid. Did HB think they were the same thing? It seems improper to call him an octopus when he only has 6 tentacles. Having 8 is how Octopi got their name. Oct means 8.


    • Stephen,
      Welcome first-time commenter. I would have to say that HB knew what it was doing all along … and at worst, trying to find their footing with this character. Given the shortness of Squidly’s lifespan, whatever they were trying wasn’t successful. You mentioned the 6 vs 8 tentacles … I mentioned this in the post, along with the point that squids have 10 …. so I imagine the solution may have to do with animation techniques at the time.


  5. I watched Squiddly Diddly before. I last saw this character and Chief Winchly at an Ice Skating Show back in 1987. It was titled Hanna-Barbera on ice. My previous ice skating shows were Smurfs on ice in 1989 and The Snorks on ice in 1990. Since the inception of the Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera I have attended every ice skating show from 1985-2013. Maybe Merilee from Butch Cassidy could perform a 2 lutz / 3 toe / 3 salchow in the next show. My other question about a cartoon is what does Kitty Jo from the Cattanooga Cats do for a living?


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