On Dead Monday

How was your weekend? Come on now, time to fess up and tell!

We got some ballroom time. My sister-in-law was in town, but since I was fighting a cold, I stayed home and watched President’s Cup golf and football. One of my favorite college teams continues to do well while the other is going in an unexpected downward direction.

Cincinnati received almost 4 inches (10 cm) of rain since Saturday evening. Meanwhile, as we transition into another season, that means I’ll be attacking leaves for the next 6-8 weeks.

Frappe, pierogies, angel food cake, desserts, fluffernutters, and teddy bears give some of the reasons to celebrate this week, so get your calendar.

  • (Week) Metric Week, Fire Prevention Week, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Mystery Series Week, Carry a Tune Week, Nuclear Medicine Week, Customer Service Week, Fall Astronomy Week, World Rainforest Week, Organize Your Files Week
  • (Mon) You Matter to Me Day, Frappe Day
  • (Tues) Face Your Fears Day, Pierogy Day, Fluffernutter Day
  • (Wed) Top Spinning Day, Emergency Nurses Day, Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day, Chess Day, Dessert Day (Yes!!!)
  • (Thurs) Sight Day, Angel Food Cake Day, Coming Out Day

Enjoy the warped humor of Monty Python to start your week. Have a safe week!

63 thoughts on “On Dead Monday

  1. A good weekend.
    Saturday I went to a honey harvest.
    Today was a kick back kind of day.

    I always love how you remind us of things to celebrate!
    I would take a Teddy Bear to work on Wed – but – I’m taking that day off to go on a field trip with one of my daughters.

    Oh my gosh on the video – HILARIOUS!

    Have a great week 🙂


  2. I miss Monty. I used to be at Fermilab near Chicago in the summers with their education office. The physicists would often gather for lunch on Mondays and laugh about the episode of Monty Python that weekend. They were funny retelling in their fake british accents.

    We got some rain, too. And, I enjoyed watching the golfers dodging raindrops. They had a rough competition with the nasty weather. The balls were bouncing much on the green. SPLAT!!!

    Thursday, we might have some angel food cake. It is our 32nd anniversary.


    • Jim,
      The golfers were firing at the pin! We’re a bit less than 2 hours southwest of the course, and we didn’t get the rain they received during Saturday’s round. … but they were drier on Sunday than people at the Bengals game.

      Yippee on the upcoming anniversary!


  3. Is a Metric Week the same length as a regular week?

    Sunday was the day of unveiling my mothers tombstone, and Friday there was a dinner at the synagogue in her memory, so I had waaay too much family this weekend, but they were beautiful events.
    Saturday my girl and I went to a carved pumpkin display that was mindblowing.
    Among other impressive carvings were a Mona Lisa, a Persistence of Memory, and the Solar System.
    Truly, impressive carving.


    • Guapo,
      LOL on the Metric Week. I can recall being in elementary school and hearing about we had to know metrics because we will be changing someday.

      It’s pumpkin carving time of year, and I would have enjoyed the display you saw.


  4. must be a king… 😆 and say, you boxing with the ol’ cold, Frank? hope you drown and flush it away with lots of fresh water, er, i mean vino. 🙂


  5. Sorry to hear that you’re fighting a cold Frank. If you do come down with a full blown cold I hope it’s a mild one. The New York Film Festival is ongoing so that’s where Milton and I have been hanging. I will probably publish a post on it soon.


  6. All in all a good weekend here on the edge of the Ozarks. An inch of rain to start followed by wonderful cool, clear air behind the front. On Saturday, an exercise in exercise (at the Y). On Sunday, an exercise in deferred gratification at Babe’s Drive In – BLT’s with lean bacon, grilled in butter, only one per each. Sigh. Sunday night, catching up on Dexter via DVD.

    Thanks, by the way, Frank, for the Monty Python reminder that no matter how bad things get, they were once oh so much worse. 🙂


    • Jim,
      That sounds like a good weekend. Many thanks for sharing your weekend treats. The cool, clear air behind the front is upon us now – so many thanks for sending it our way!

      Glad you enjoyed Monty Python … and I enjoyed your moral of the story.


  7. It was a quiet weekend. We did find out that a battle we got sucked into over a dog’s welfare had been put to rest, with the dog staying in his adoptive home – a VERY good thing. Other than that, not much else – some leaf clearing, with more to come.
    Get yourself better!


    • John,
      Cheers to your quiet weekend and to the dog welfare case. Meanwhile, I’m just dealing with some sniffles that are currently under control, thus not progressing .. but time will tell.


  8. Hi Frank! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. I watched President’s Cup as well. Things certainly did take a turn for wet and cold around here. Hubby built a workbench in the basement, and I put the finishing touches on a book. It was a busy weekend, but not hectic.


    • Maddie!!!!
      Good to hear you are at the finishing touches stage. Chers to hubby’s building effort. The golf was fun to watch. Given the soft greens, they were gunning at the pin! Meanwhile, it the sniffles for me that are currently on hold. Hope all is well with you!!!


  9. My daughter is an ER nurse, so I’ll be sure to wish her a special day! The rain sounds wonderful, and we sure do need some out our way. There is a little hint we might still see some this week. I’m hoping. 🙂 And it is obviously “leaf season” for you! Good exercise, I hope!


    • Debra,
      As I like to say, whenever someone gets too much rain, someone else is getting too little. Good luck! Meanwhile, leaf season may be attractive, but it’s a lot of gathering for me. Cheers to your daughter being an ER nurse!


  10. First, feel better I hope. Next, I do so love Monty Python, my kids grew up watching the rather twisted humor and can still quote many of the scenes from the movies. We still laugh uproariously at them.

    Thank you for reminding of all the things we might choose to celebrate. I think there are so many things we just have to pick. I wonder you know, if there is a First Responders Day or if maybe Emergency Nurses are part of that.


    • Val,
      Good question about First Responders Day. It seems that this has gathered some local interest in several locations during September – so I wouldn’t be surprised if we something bigger in Sept 2014.

      Cheers to your appreciation for Monty Python.


  11. Oh Frank, loved the video!! 🙂

    It’s sunny Wednesday right now, but oh it has been raining :(. Cheers Frank! 🙂


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