On Satire Bits: Vol. 72

Woo hoo! I love that commercial! So, how’s your week going?

After the very wet weekend, nature has provided Cincinnati with several wonderful fall days. Because many of you commented about my cold, I’m battling the sniffles but my throat feels fine. Thanks for asking!

As the government shutdown and subsequent debate continues to wear on we Americans, I’m sure the rest of the world is tired hearing about it. Therefore, all of us need a good boost of mid-week satire.

Don’t forget about the extra challenge of creating your own combo from the info in The Onion headlines. Mine is at the end. Have a good rest of the week.

Man with hammer-induced thumb injury appeals to God

Mountain Dew Council of Elders exiles non-radical teen

Chess prodigy gives up game after getting laid

German-style Krackhaus offers hearty cocaine

Area loner dwells on past

Walnuts improve area chicken salad

Report: Drug use down among uncool kids

Bronx Zoo opens new Loitering Teens exhibit

Area beatnik digs that crazy bebop

Professor to publish book

My combo: Area loner gives up Mountain Dew after getting laid bebop style at Bronx Zoo exhibit by beatnik professor

55 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 72

    • Jim,
      Yep – today is hump day, so the perfect day to play golf. Hit em straight! Cheers to the 15 ft strawberry!!! That was new to me.

      Oh no … tainted chicken salad at a chess event. What is the world coming to?


  1. Some commercials, like YouTube videos, just seem to go viral. I saw hump-boy’s brother, just an hour ago, while watching Big Bang Theory, which validates the chess-playing, getting-laid headline.

    As usual, no synthesis, just a couple of questions. Kitchener’s Oktoberfest is soon to start, and is second in size, only to the original in Munich. Research has shown me, though, that Cincinnati is close behind. Do you go out/have you, in the past? Do you have a post(s) about it. A site/or sites you’d recommend. Tell all, about your local drunken revelry. 😉


  2. I’m a state employee paid through federal funds. My organization is now preparing for its own shutdown. It’s getting very difficult to enjoy this beautiful fall here. Praying for the insanity to end, but hoping that our President stands firm and refuses to be bullied by the nuts.


  3. Area loner dwells on Chess prodigy after Council Elders get laid.

    Now that is fairly sick of me.

    I loved all your videos, those are so great. Week is simply humping along we are having spectacular weather after a short little blip over the weekend. My eldest son turned 36 on Sunday so we had a party (I felt so old for a minute).


  4. got to love the creative marketing people over at Geico. how about: Krackhaus exiles loitering teens then offers hearty cocaine chicken salad and Mountain Dew. Pow!


  5. OMG–the camel commercial is total hoot! See, that’s the kind of stuff I miss without US television. Glad you shared it–as well as the Onion headlines. I’m too lame to try a combo of my own.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  6. The weather here in south Texas has been AMAZING Frank, couldn’t ask for better. I have to go with the majority here, the chess prodigy wins. 😀

    And wow, you certainly do like that commercial, don’t you?!


    • Alex,
      Yep … I do like that commercial … but at least I don’t use it every Wednesday. But, it’s not the commercial that gathers my attention the most.

      A clink of Shiner Bocks from good weather to good weather!


  7. The hump-day Geico commercial is my fave right now. I love it & can watch it over & over again & still get a chuckle out of it!

    Council of Elders offers hardy cocaine to uncool kids.


  8. I read a story a few days ago, some school is banning the phrase – not so much because of the phrase itself, but because the kids are mimicking the camel’s voice, and saying it all the time. The REAL reason? Spoiler alert: the teachers are getting annoyed by the constant repetition. 😀
    Area loner dwells in German-style Crackhaus at Bronx Zoo? Too close to reality? 😉


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