Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 198

On Politics
A friend was telling me that the “Obama shutdown” of the government might impact an upcoming camping trip – To which I applied, according to the Constitution, Congress is in charge of the budget, so Congress shutdown the government, not the president. It enjoyed using the Constitution on an ardent Republican.

First, it was defund Obamacare, then Republicans shifted to delaying Obamacare; and this week’s focus started with long-term spending. Is there any doubt that the shutdown is nothing more than a game?

Although Speaker Boehner makes a good point each time he says, we have to stop spending more than we take in, I want to ask him this question: Is it OK to not pay for something that you purchased?

If Speaker Boehner is confident the clean Continuing Resolution (CR) doesn’t have the votes to pass (which is contrary to the Democratic view), why not take it to the floor to prove the point?

Yes, I have called my Congressman to say to move forward and end the shutdown – but I imagine my call to that office was in the minority.

While I tried to listen to a recent speak regarding the shutdown from Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), I had to turn it off within five minutes.

Here are two gems from The Onion: Explaining the government shutdown and providing ideas for ending it.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Man panics after reaching age where parents prematurely started family
Parent charts child’s width on kitchen wall
Radio station begs listens to come down to see guy in tomato costume
Stop sign taking forever to change
Space under boardroom table a complex web of feet massaging genitals
Psychiatrists deeply concerned about 5% of Americans who approve of Congress

Interesting Reads
Walking to see nature
Should websites remove comment sections?
Women and men’s body odor
Banks and deregulation
Love and the taste of food

On Potpourri
I celebrated Pierogies Day and Fluffernutter Day, which means my first-ever Fluffernutter … which may include a dose of chocolate sauce in the future.


Here’s your upcoming celebrations

  • (Fri) Coming Out Day, Egg Day, Sausage Pizza Day, You Go Girl Day, It’s My Party day
  • (Sat) Free Thought Day, National Day of Spain
  • (Sun) African Penguin Awareness Day, Chess Day (fitting given the past Satire Bits), Yorkshire Pudding Day

Although I do not know many of them, this season’s cast Dancing with the Stars has numerous good dancers.

The handbell choir plays on Sunday, so here’s the arrangement of Be Thou My Vision.

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association recently stated, that teams and individuals do not participate in organized post-game handshake lines/ceremonies beyond that interaction that is required. The rest of the story is that teams can shake hands, but KHSAA is not liable for altercations.

I scheduled for a routine colonoscopy, but I cannot understand why my wife is so excited about it!

Before Time: The Musical continues, I must conclude my interviews for a new producer – candidates provided by the Joseph Stalin/Idi Amin School of Musical Producers.

A Saturday Morning Cartoon is next!

To send you into the weekend, here’s another blast from my post from The Hollies – it’s a Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

90 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 198

  1. I could talk a lot about Congress and basic economics, and how poorly the Republicans, those champions of the free market, seem to understand capitalism, investment, and economics in general. Most people don’t buy their homes with cash, but they buy them anyway. They assume on purchase that the value of living there, plus anything they get back in profit on sale, will be at least as great as the value of the payments including interest. They borrow in order to fund something they can’t afford in whole now. Borrowing is not an evil.

    Businesses borrow, too, including for cash flow issues. If most of their receipts come in at one part of the year, but their employees and suppliers expect to be paid year round, they arrange a line of credit for short-term cashflow funding.

    Not only that, they INVEST for the future. And they also repair and replace stuff when it breaks down.

    Some want us to run the government like a business, or like a household. In some ways, we should, like the best, smartest ways businesses and households function. And still there are some big differences, including the fact that the US government can print money, as long as we don’t hit this idiotic debt ceiling.

    Okay, more… the notion that we don’t need to default if we hit the debt ceiling because we can “prioritize” payments is idiotic on the face of it. I don’t care if it’s ten bucks to Don next door. If you don’t pay him when you said you would, you’re in default!

    And this is why I say stuff like “Don’t get me started” and “if you don’t actually want to know what I think, don’t ask me….”

    Have a great night and wonderful day tomorrow!


  2. I’m gonna keep out of the politics, to be honest I’m not sure I really can grasp the lines behind this shutdown.
    But I do love the Hollies song…
    Had the cameras done in both ends not long back… wondered if they try to meet in the middle, but the surprising thing was my wife got all excited about it as well…


  3. Thanks for The Hollies video, Frank. I have to say that Audrey Hepburn did the black dress better than anyone before or after… And as far as the shutdown? It IS the responsibility of Congress but as the song goes, “Blame it on Barack Obama.” (Substitued for “Blame it on the Bassonova.”


  4. Great song, Frank! I loved the video. I agree Miss Hepburn is lovely. I don’t know how to respond to the shutdown anymore, except guess what…They lost the election. I don’t know why they don’t get this. I just want it to end really soon.


    • Viveka,
      As the article states, a shutdown hasn’t happened since the mid-1990s … but this is what can happen when different parties are in control of the three big sections of US government … and that is sad to say.


  5. This whole shutdown is just crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if grownups could sit down and work out their differences. I know I’m dreaming and that will never happen.


  6. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canadia, so we will be eating turkey and reveling in fall weather…meaning sitting by the fire drinking warm drinks and watching something a tad interesting on the tv. Have a great weekend, Frank!


  7. Can’t thank you enough for brightening my morning with “Walking the Walk – Thoreau and the act of seeing nature,” and the handbell choir piece “Be Thou My Vision.” (Anybody I know at your church playing the flute part?)

    Also, concerning Sen. Rand Paul’s view that defaulting on the national debt would be good because it would “force the U.S. govt. to prioritize its payments and live within its means,” I agree with your view that (1) it’s a talking point, and (2) it’s based upon a moving target.


    • Tim,
      I have one question for Rand Paul – Why run as a Libertarian Party candidate? … of which his answer will be BS because the reason is about power and money … in short, I don’t give him much credibility.

      Regarding the flute, not sure we are adding that part … but will know on Sunday because that’s when we actually rehearse together. I’m fairly sure our friend isn’t playing. Wasn’t it a beautiful piece!


  8. Makes you wonder about that stop sign, doesn’t it?!! 😆
    On the colonoscopy thing… as I feel that “enjoy” would not be the appropriate wish here, I will however use the same verb for the results! May they be enjoyable! Your wife’s excitement is probably out of the anticipation of happy results! Have a great weekend, my friend! 🙂


  9. Love the Hollies vid, simply awesome.

    The articles where interesting this week, the Banking was sadly fascinating.

    I have nothing after this one: Psychiatrists deeply concerned about 5% of Americans who approve of Congress


  10. Contrary to Boehner’s assertions, both NBC and CBS cite interviews of House Republicans showing enough support a clean CR to pass it.

    My favorite of your Onion headlines:

    Psychiatrists deeply concerned about 5% of Americans who approve of Congress


  11. I agree with you and fellow commenters about this ongoing government shutdown. Holding the government hostage in this misguided effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act simply because extremist and racist members of the GOP oppose it and personally despise Barack Obama infuriates me. Obamacare is the law, the GOP lost the election, wreaking havoc with the economy as a defensive strategy because Tea Party members hate having a black man president reinforces how un-American partisan party politics can be. I’d like to see all these right wing zealots with their government funded elite brand of health care voted out of office. If this was sports they’d all be fined for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s cartoon post which I’ll likely get around to reading at 10 PM Sunday night.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Lame,
      That a way … way to air it out and call it as you see it.Well done!

      Tomorrow’s dedication is on the edge of my time period … actually outside of the Golden Age … but a note-worthy character.


      • I’m sure you’ll come up with something thought provoking tomorrow Frank. You’re consistent.

        I’m feeling cranky. My colleague has a cold and came into work every day this week spreading her germs and now my throat is aching. She’s sitting next to me coughing her head off right now. I kinda want to kill her, but I’m not the violent type.


  12. peanut butter without the fluff, please. ☺ hoping for good results on your routine test that sounds not very exciting but guess it must be done. your wife just wants to make sure her main squeeze is doing a-ok. 🙂


  13. Great song! As far as this government dog and pony show–shall we all move to Colorado, sit around a bonfire and just get along? Hey, man. It will be resolved. Just a bunch of folks who love hearing themselves talk. 🙂


  14. What, no fluffernutter filled peirogie?

    One of the most unsettling bits of the shutdown is that despite the noise of the populace against it, the Reps keep going on about how it’s what Americans want.

    Makes me think taking out the capitol rotunda as a symbol isn’t such a bad idea….


  15. “If Speaker Boehner is confident the clean Continuing Resolution (CR) doesn’t have the votes to pass (which is contrary to the Democratic view), why not take it to the floor to prove the point?”—-Exactly. I wish he would put his money where his mouth is, so to speak.


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  17. Well, looking at this from outside, it doesn’t look like a game. But it does look like a legitimate confrontation of values. As for your friends camping trip, always good to hear about people who’re forced to skip a camping trip because of a government emergency. When it gets really bad, we have to go on a camping trip because we’ve lost our homes.


    • Shimon,
      I can see you point about values confrontation. Then again, they are elected to govern – not impose values. I didn’t see my friend at church today, so I assume he at least made the trip eastward. But I enjoy your point because everything is a matter of perspective. Many thanks!


      • I don’t know about your country, Frank. But in ours, the members of parliament are chosen to represent the values of those they represent. It seems to me to be a function of democracy. And if those voters believe that the new health care system has been imposed upon them by a certain constellation of representatives, they can legitimately use another constellation to prevent the instrumentation of the legislation.


        • I see your point and it is a good one. The American system has one thing different from other major democracies. Given the separation of powers, the system actually promotes governing that involves finding common ground in order to prevent one-party rule.


        • That is the way our system is supposed to work too, ShimonZ, but it currently isn’t because of a powerful voting bloc within one of our two political parties. The so-called Tea Party is a primarily-fundamentalist Christian grouping which is united by dislike for large government (except the military) and social programs. The TP has become powerful by gerrymandering of districts and by demagoguery through loose campaign finance laws and extreme right-wing radio and television, all with a religious flavor. Having no fear of being un-seated, they control the leadership in our House of Representatives, which also happens to be where our finances are controlled.


        • Jim,
          Many thanks for pitching in with this one. For the next Interesting Reads in OITS, I have an interesting article that helps explain the system and this is why it is designed in this way.


  18. Being a Free Thinker, I had a free thought on Saturday….it never returned. 😦
    I believe it was about that 5% who REALLY need some help. 😕
    I’ve never had a fluffernutter sandwich, sometimes PB and sliced banana…VERY occasionally, PB and Miracle Whip. GOOD, but fattening, I can prove it. 😀


  19. stop sign.

    as for fluffernutter, eww. when i was a kid, there were things i loved – like bologna or ham – which i later hated. and there were things i hated – like chocolate with nuts – which i love now. however, there has never been a time during which i enjoyed fluffernutter.


  20. I think women look at a colonoscopy as a tiny view into the pain of childbirth. I know every one of them I’ve ever mentioned getting or needing one, has grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat! 😀
    Yeah, just as I was getting caught up from my ‘hiatus’, dang if my ISP doesn’t start experiencing “indeterminate-cause temporary outages of unknown durations”. Nice way of saying “Throw two dice – on a 3 or 4, you get great Internet, on a 10 or 11, you get so-so service, and if you roll snake eyes or boxcars, your Emails will VANISH!”. (Sigh.) Gotta love life in the middle of nowhere.


    • John,
      Glad to have you back in the saddle. As for the colonoscopy, we’re kidless, so not true for us. Personally, I think she’s anxious to see what I say coming out of anesthesia so she can get a chuckle and never let me forget it.


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