On a Conveyor to Monday

I hope you had a good weekend. How was it? What did you do? What caused you to smile?

Yippee as Cincinnati had great fall weather. No ballroom for us this weekend because I attended a college football game Friday night and our church wine group was Saturday night. My daytime was calm, so each of us had a Fluffernutter Saturday afternoon – but I added mini chocolate chips! On Sunday morning, our handbell choir playedΒ this beautiful piece very well.

Given chestnuts, cakes, pheasant, chicken cacciatore, pasta, oatmeal, and more, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this week!

  • (Week) Bullying Bystanders Unite Week, Chestnut Week, Earth Science Week, Food Bank Week
  • (Mon) Be Bold & Be Free Day, Kick Butt Day, Chocolate-Covered Insects Day
  • (Tues) I Love Lucy Day, Cake Decorating Day, Grouch Day, Roast Pheasant Day, Mushroom Day, Chicken Cacciatore Day
  • (Wed) Dictionary Day, Hagfish Day, Fossil Day, Food Day, Oatmeal Day
  • (Thurs) Alternative Fuel Day, Credit Union Day, Pasta Day

Given that chocolate and I Love Lucy are mentioned above, this classic scene is a great way to start the new week. Have a good week!

57 thoughts on “On a Conveyor to Monday

  1. We had a very social weekend, but all family occasions and little personal responsibility! We host so often that this was really nice–all at other homes! I will gladly recognize “I Love Lucy” day on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll eat a piece of chocolate and think of her with admiration. But I will forego chocolate covered insects. I’m not sure I’m bold enough for that one! Now, off to google Fluffernutter. Not sure what that is, but I get the idea I’d really like it. πŸ™‚


  2. LMAO at the I Love Lucy scene. I remember watching that episode. This was one of my favorite shows to watch back in the day – not when it originally aired though. I wasn’t invented yet.
    Food Day on Wednesday? I thought food day was every day. ?
    Thanks for sharing your handbell music. It was quite soothing to listen to.
    Nighty-night πŸ™‚


    • RoSy,
      When I saw Food Day, my first reaction was like yours. Then again, liking about the unfortunate throughout the world does bring a different thought. Hmmmmm ….

      The bottom line is that Lucy is a true classic!

      Glad you enjoyed the handbell piece. I like to include them when I can because we do play interesting pieces. Hope you slept well.

      PS: Did the Teddy Bear make it to work?


      • So sad that food isn’t so available to everyone every day. This is something nobody should have to worry about – yet many do.

        Definitely a classic.

        I slept all the way through last night. I did have an odd dream though. But – at least I got to see my brother (who past away almost 11 years ago).

        No. I went as far as going to my fun room to take one of them (I have several). But – I couldn’t bear to leave teddy unattended for the day.
        I know…I’m over protective of my cubs.
        I did bring one last year though. And – if I’m working next year on that day – I will bring one with me next year.

        Happy Monday – Happy Week! πŸ™‚


  3. One of my favorite Lucy bits.

    We went to our grand daughter’s soccer game today. Perfect day of 67˚ and light breeze. They played well and won again.

    No a lot going on. Maybe I will golf Monday. Colder and windy weather coming. I might take advantage of Grouch Day on Tuesday if I need it. πŸ™‚


  4. Yes, wonderful handbell music. Thanks for that — quite the lullaby to end the day.

    Fun things from the weekend: making yogurt, cooking beans, making and eating HOT chili, transferring phone numbers from one antique cell phone to another, uh…, watching granddaughter’s soccer game, racing little guy down the sideline at the soccer game, shopping for groceries at the worst possible time. What? Did you really forget until 5pm Sunday that you would need food for the coming week??

    And as for me, as I am still on a personal quest, I will celebrate Be Bold & Be Free Day.

    Have a wonderful week!


    • Melanie,
      Glad you enjoyed the peaceful handbell piece, especially t the end of the day.

      One thing for sure, you kept busy this weekend! … and I’m not too crazy about busy time at the grocery store.


  5. Given your posting of the other day I know what you are talking about, adding chocolate chips, pure decadance. Terrible to tempt me this way.

    I found Gellato (sp) that is peanut butter – chocolate chunk. It is the best and my only indulgence. for now.

    Love the Lucy piece, I think this is my favorite ever from her show. I go back and forth between this one and this one:


    • Val,
      Thanks for sharing another classic Lucy piece. She simply has so many!!!! Meanwhile, speaking of decadence, don’t forget Graeter’s Chocolate Chip …. Pricey, but it won’t disappoint.


    • Sunshine,
      What a great way to start the week! Besides, it was good to see Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart who actually went to Boston from the Cincinnati Pops (he was our associate conductor). Fluffernutters with chocolate are good!


  6. It was a lovely weekend and, thankfully, not one that involved a lot of house work. I took a long hike with my brother and sister on a beautiful fall day, we watched the last three disappointing episodes of Dexter together with our mom, we had a wonderful family pizza night… just about perfect.

    And one of the mice in my pantry was caught and, uh, dispensed with.


  7. This video is such a classic; don’t know how many times I have seen it … just hilarious. She was such fantastic actor and so outstandingly funny. She makes me laugh.
    You have a busy half week over there, Frank … but US has always something to celebrate – silly and serious reasons, but always something. Some serious food celebration too … *laughing
    Be Bold & Be Free Day, should be every day really.


  8. oooh, sounds like a great week of celebrations, Frank!, to accompany my daily, “I’m so glad I’m alive, again today!”, day. I’m pretty sure I wore a perpetual smile, all weekend. My son and his family live right around the corner from me now, the lake breezes and view from my desk are heavenly! Photos to come.

    Wishing you and yours a stellar week ahead!xo


  9. Lucy! Lucy! Whenever I’m down, she’s able to change that frown.
    But that Bullying Bystanders Unite Week is pretty funny too.
    We had rain most of the weekend, but since we fertilized and treated the lawn for grubs it was more than welcomed..besides, we could pretend it was winter…back to steaming and sunny today.


    • Mouse,
      Cheers to your appreciation for Lucy. There are a couple of Lucy video clips in the comments.

      Bullying Bystanders Unite Week caught my attention, so I had to think about. If bystanders are not saying anything, this encourages them to get together to act as a collective … well, at least that’s what I’m thinking.


  10. Spent the weekend hiding in the house from idiot Oktoberfest-ing drivers. They tapped the first keg Friday at noon, and tossed out the first drunk at 12:30. Enjoy Gemutlichkeit, a German word meaning “drunken tourist. Tuesday is Grouch Day?? A whole day, just for ME??! Oscar can go find another one. This one’s taken, and I’m gonna keep grouching, from the safety of the house, till this DUI extravaganza is over on Sunday. Stay Safe! πŸ™‚


  11. Spent last weekend trying to figure out why I couldn’t properly connect to my ISP. Spent the week trying to recover from their “maintenance issues”. Spent this weekend downloading all the missed Emails. Now I’m playing catch-up again! If I see Bill Murray drive by in a TV news van, I’m outta here! πŸ˜€


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