On Satire Bits: Vol. 73

How’s your week going so far? The weather has deliver excellent days to Cincinnati, but change is due to happen any day.

Meanwhile, our handbell choir director has extended rehearsals so we can get more time preparing for all that is on our plate. The commissioned piece is a tough, but it’s starting to come together as the premier is just several weeks away. Then the normal avalanche of holiday music for November and December will drive us into a frenzy.

Given the stalemate in the US government, we in the USA need a special dose of midweek satire. In order to deliver a challenge, here is another special edition of identify the blogger – but these headliners are from all over the world.

Can you identify any? I’ll include the answers toward the end of my day.

1) Composer Stuck in Looping Coda

2) Aussie Super-Mom Won’t Leave Shower Until Water Runs Out

3) British-born South African in Florida Diagnosed with Identity Confusion

4) Homesick Aussie of Finnish descent spending too much time in Italy

5) Dog Owner Bets Switching Meals with Dogs on Running Time

6) Fashion Icon Wears Jacques StrapΓ© Design at Exotic Polynesian Resort

7) Midnight Power Allows Photographer to Walk Across Bog

8) Ambidextrous Artist Challenged to Draw Hands with Her Feet

9) Artist Admits to Using Number to Paint and Play Piano

10) Cornfield Physicist Explains E = MC Hammer to Kevin Costner

11) Marching Band Director Would Rather Watch the Football Game


1) Lynn at Composer in the Garden (Pennsylvania, USA)
2 Charlie at Hotly Spiced (Australia)
3 Sylvia at A Day in Paradise (South Africa)
4 Debra at Bagni di Lucca and Beyond (Australia, Finland, Italy)
5 Leo at Doggy’s Style (Spain)
6 Kay at Pure Complex (NYC, USA)
7 Robin at Beeze at Dawn
8 Raye at Jots from a Small Apartment (Oregon, USA)
9 Marina at Art Toward a Happy Day (Greece)
10 Jim at The JAR Blog (Iowa, USA)
11) Tim is a friend, commenter, and reader who has been with me from Day 1

97 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 73

  1. This post is a delightful discovery today! Can’t wait for the reveal. (will be pondering all day)
    Handbells do seem to go with the season (we played every opposing team’s school song during football season half time….on the field….with the girls drum and bugle drill team not the band….yes football in TX is different.)
    Thanks for the fun (not turning the TV/media on today…prefer to laugh at real jokes not jokers)


  2. I love your headliners and I can’t wait for the unveiling!!!!!
    Like Doggy’s Style, I’ll keep refreshing too! πŸ™‚
    Meantime… happy Wednesday, Frank!
    PS. yes, they are itching for either the ambidextrous artist, or the other one with the piano and paint.


  3. Can’t say that I recognize a single blogger from that list, however I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday Frank. It’s a cold, rainy, one in San Antonio today, which means I love it!


  4. When I talked to my mom today – she told me that she turned the heat on already today. It was a bday gift to herself.
    It’s a bit chilly here. I’m trying to hold off till the end of the month. We’ll see.

    Already preppin’ for the holidays I see. Boy – that time will be here in no time!


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