On a Two-fer Monday

Another weekend has passed, so how was yours?

Although we got some time on the ballroom floor, we were also dealing with my mother-in-law’s return to the hospital – thus a reason why I’m behind on my reading.

Meanwhile, Saturday was cool and damp …. but we get several days of improvement before a cold snap arrives later this week … which also means I must tackle the leaves while the temps are reasonable and before the next load falls.

Here are some celebration notes for your personal calendar.

  • (Week) Food & Drug Interactions Awareness Week, Character Counts Week, Chemistry Week, Forest Products Week, Friends of Libraries Week, Massage Therapy Week, Nuclear Science Week, Kraut Sandwich Week
  • (Mon) Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, Babbling Day, Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, Info Overload Day, Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day, Reptile Awareness Day
  • (Tues) Nut Day, Stuttering Awareness Day
  • (Wed) Boston Creme Pie Day, Mole Day, Swallows Leave Capistrano Day
  • (Thurs) Bologna Day, Black Cat Day, Food Day, United Nations (UN) Day, World Development Information Day

Here are two humorous bits to start your week – one for the daring and one for all. Did you celebrate No Beard Day last Friday? On the flip side of the coin, one can find people with beards doing weird things. Sure makes we wonder if this also serves as to kickoff Food & Drug Interaction Week.

Meanwhile, enjoy this domino effect from Mouse. Have a good week!