On a Fall Walk

Blogging allows reading to see images from around the world. Regarding of one’s hemisphere, fall brings beautiful colors – the only question is the timing.

I recently took a walk in my neighborhood to capture some local color. Besides, Robin always hosts a fall walk (for which I’m late posting) and Raye showed us some fall colors from Portland, Oregon as part of a challenge. Hope you enjoy a walk in my neighborhood from suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.

Some leaves await my next pass …and many more yet to fall …
… as several remnants of summer remain in our Clematis ….
… yet Spirea is still strong as it transitions to winter sticks …
… Fruit Gum tree leaves are starting to turn in the front yard …
… in time, this Burning Bush will be a ball of brilliant red …

… and the future will deliver this Japanese Maple to us … but not yet …

Japanese Maple comp


… walking the neighborhood provides an array of natural colors …
… as I encounter a seasonal Welcome Center …
…. and other human creations …
… yet the summer green still frames nature’s fall colors …
… while wildflowers do their part …
… as framing continues as I round the corner and head for home …
… where roses are still hanging on …


… but more leaves await still wait for my next pass … and more to come from above.
As Debra would say, I hope this gave you a chance to breathe lighter. Thanks for strolling along with me. Any favorites?

76 thoughts on “On a Fall Walk

  1. Gotta’ love the roses that are still hanging on. I’m still trying to hang on too.
    But – Ma’ Nature isn’t making it easy for me. It’s 36° here right now. . Brrr…


  2. Explosions of colour, FrankA! That Japanese Maple is a stunner…as mentioned before. The roses would be a second favourite since I’m an official DeadHeader
    for the City of Portland and the many rose beds that we host and boast!
    Thank you for the mention, plus smiles…and more colour from Portland posted today. Just too colourful not to share…..Raye


    • Raye,
      I took the Japanese Maple pic several years ago, so we look forward to its upcoming show …. which I imagine will be in a few weeks because it’s fairly green at the moment. Cheers to your love for roses. Your last Portland pics were wonderful, so I shall return.


    • Bumble,
      Well thank you …. those fallen leaves in my background are gone as of yesterday, but their replacements started to arrive shortly after the clearing. Oh well … fall clearance is a 6-8 week process. …. but temps are dropping today and the rest of the week. Brrrr …


  3. I like the Japanese Maple and the roses. We have a rose bush that won’t quit this year. I hate to see it stop flowering. But, tonight we could get an inch or two of snow. We will send it your way as soon as we are finished.

    Thanks for the tour of the neighborhood.


  4. You are right – seasonal photos of different places are so nice. Adds a dimension to the blogger’s personalities to see what they see.
    Loved the walk (We tried a Japanese Maple, it struggled and finally gave up…there were popular landscape trees by developers here in the 80’s. Tallow trees here give glorious color, but have fallen into disfavor because they are “messy” scraggly trees – and invasive species that rapidly takes over. But plenty have managed to escape and live in the wild!)


    • Mouse,
      Messy trees probably aren’t big sellers. Up here Bradford Pears sell well … beautiful, great shape, full, outstanding fall colors … but very weak wood. Thanks for joining the stroll all the way from Galveston.


  5. Thank you for mentioning Breathing Lighter, Frank. I really do enjoy walking around and visiting other neighborhoods, and yours is such a very pleasant walk. I like the first and last pictures the most. You have such openness that we don’t have in our suburban neighborhoods. There are no neighborhood “stands” of trees, even though cumulatively there are lots of trees up and down streets. And there is so much more green! The colors are more vibrant and it’s really fascinating to see the differences. I was also glad to see the dreaded leaves! Maybe just let them sit and compost! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Mentioning you at the end was a last-minute addition … and very fitting! Oh yes, our regions are vastly different in terms of vegetation. Meanwhile, I do compost the leaves. I mow them to make them fine, mow them again when bagging, then they go to the compost pile! … and glad you enjoyed the first and last pic the best because that’s my yard … and I know you enjoy yards.


  6. Great photos Frank.
    We had a fabulous red-skied sunrise the other morning, I’ve never before seen a sky as red. I tried to take a photo of it (it was dark apart from the red!) but the photo appeared as though it was brilliant daylight. It was the oddest thing! At least the true colours appear through the leaves!


    • Kathy,
      Wow … and you come all the way from Ecuador for a walk. Ahhhhh … I’m touched! Glad to give you some color that you are missing, and hopefully I won’t be able to show you any snow in the future. 😉


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  8. Beautiful walk, Frank! Thank you so much for joining me in my Walktober event. It was fun walking with you and seeing your neighborhood. I’m having trouble picking a favorite, but the first one really stands out for me and the Japanese maple is stunning. 🙂


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    • Dawn,
      Welcome to a special visitor for Robin. I’m not a photographer, just a point and shoot with my digital. I glanced at the Clematis as I walked by and notice some sense of life in the midst of what once was.


  10. Hi, I’m a little late, but I’ve dropped over from Walktober at Robins. 🙂
    That Japenese maple is probably in full colour by now, but I also liked the human creation, and the last picture looking through the trees. I guess that rock is a perfect place to take a pit-stop on the walk around. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed walking with you. 😀


    • SallyAnn,
      Welcome to my little corner of the world, and one of the pluses of blogging, late is quite irrelevant most of the time. Besides, I’m happy you stopped by!

      I’m looking at the Japanese Maple now, and it is in the burgundy stage … so the red is yet to come. Thanks for pointing out your favorites … and for walking with me in my neighbor.


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